Thursday, 2 November 2017

American Horror Story — Series 4: Freak Show — Episode 7 & 8: Test of Strength & Bloodbath

2nd November, 2017

You know, I’ve literally just realised — by going an looking, so you know — that the overflow in my sink’s blocked.

And that I’m going to have to do something about that.

Had I realised, earlier?

I’d’ve unscrewed the thing, and got clearing it out.

But right now, as it’s not really that urgent?   I think I can wait until the morning: if nothing else, to at least get some drain cleaner.

And put my washing machine onto a empty hotwash.

With a bit of luck, and some crossed fingers?

That usually helps unblock stuff.


Of course the reason I hadn’t actually noticed the blockage?

Well, there’s possibly a lot of reasons why I didn’t notice the blockage: after All, I did try and make a point of getting some caustic soda, every-so-often, to keep my sink clean.

The reason, tonight?

Was that I was in a hurry … to catch more TV.


You’d be right: I’m developing an addiction to series 4 of American Horror Story.

A 12-step group could be useful.

Although I don’t know if there’s a Freak Show Anonymous …


Episode 7Test of Strength — sees Jimmy (Evan Peters) trying to talk Dot and Betty (Sarah Paulson) back to the camp.   Granted, the twins won’t get caviar: but will have a community.

Back at camp?   Back at Camp, Jimmy and Dell (Michael Chiklis) have a confrontation.   Only for Elsa (Jessica Lange) to confront the pair when they get back, after quite a lot of drinks.

The camp’s regulars see only a pair of men getting heavily ticked off.

Little realising the Dell is not as drunk as he seems.

And has plans for unfortunate Ma Patite (Jyoti Amgi).


Episode 8Bloodbath — Ma Patite’s bloodied dress is found in the woods around the camp: and everyone assumes Ma Petite has been taken by wild animals.

Little realising quite what Dell has done.

Ethel, on the other hand?   Ethel (Kathy Bates) accuses Elsa: and tries to prevent the latter escaping by shotting her leg.

And, whilst Ethel is in shock, having only now found that Elsa has fake legs?

Gets a knife in the eye.

It’s only after Ethel’s funeral … ?

That Desiree (Angela Bassett), Amazon Eve (Erika Ervin), Penny (Grace Gummer) and Legless Suzi (Rose Siggin) decide no man is going to wrong them.

And put a plan into action: starting with Penny’s abusive father.


Now, sink aside, have I enjoyed these episodes?

Oh, yes.

Again, there’s the odd subtle reference: Finn Wittrock’s Dandy bathing in blood is Erszbet Bathory all over

And Gabourey Sidibe’s character? Is called Regina: I don’t know much Latin, but do know ‘Regina’ is the Latin for ‘Queen’.   A reference, I think, to Sidibe’s character in Coven: Queenie.


Any series that wants to keep throwing me this many references?

Is something I want to keep watching.

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