Friday, 24 November 2017

War for The Planet of the Apes: That’ll Do!

23rd November, 2017.

You know, I have to admit, it’s going to be quite some time before I get another night off.

I have seen the glory of the coming of next week’s rota.

And … ?

Frankly, I have Saturday and Sunday nights off: the 25th And 26th, in other words.

But am working on those days.

Basically, I won’t get a whole day off, until next Sunday.

This means two things.


I had today to do laundry and enough Teaser slides shows to be going on with: although I will have to find time to do more, soon!


I only had tonight to watch a film.

One I’d been meaning to catch, as soon as I knew it’d hit iTunes.

You’re right … 

I’ve been wanting to catch War for the Planet of the Apes for a while … 


War for the Planet of the Apes carries on the story of its two predecessors*: and set two years after Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The apes?   The apes, still led by Cæsar (Andy Serkis), are under siege from humanity.

In this case?

From a paramilitary group of ex-Special Forces calling itself †, Alpha Omega, led by the mysterious Colonel (Woody Harrelson).

The film opens: as the group conducts a raid on the apes’ hideout: using as much weaponry as possible.

In the ensuing devastation, Blue Eye (Max Lloyd Jones) and Cornelia (Judy Greer), Cæsar’s wife and eldest son are killed.

By the Colonel, himself.

Cæsar’s enraged reaction?

Is quite what any of us would do.

He want’s to kill the Colonel … as mercilessly as possible.

That … ?

Is only where things start … 


Now … ?

Good … ?

Oh, yes … !

I have to admit, when I first saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes, back in 2014, I wasn’t totally convinced.

For all that, I was also very aware that Rise was an extremely competently done film.

One followed — in the shape of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes<> — by an equally competent sequel: that was one heck of an improvement.

The Apes franchise does it again, with War for The Planet of the Apes: the character development is flawless, the villain of the piece — Harrelson’s very Colonel Kurtzian Colonel — both believable, sympathetic, frightening and coming to an entirely justified end.

The cast, itself, was a magnificent one: with Steve Zahn‡, providing much need drama and comic relief, being a particular standout, for me.

And Serkis?   Once again, Serkis showing us quite how capable he is, both as an actor and a CGI performer.


How the hell the man’s not won an Oscar, I don’t know.

War for The Planet of the Apes isn’t the best film I’ve Serkis in: I still think that’s Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.

But, in completing the Apes trilogy with arguable the best performance of the three?

Should get something!

War for The Planet of the Apes

       Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.   Nice reviews: feel free to donate to the nice blogger’s PayPal page … !

†        I’m assuming the group is a kind of right wing Christian militia: descended from the sort of white supremacist/Christian Patriot groups that were popular in the US in the 1990s.   The phrase, “I am the alpha and omega,” is attributed to Jesus, in the Book of Revelation.

‡        Who I’d last seen in The Perfect Getaway.   (It must have made huge as huge impression on me: took me an hour to work out I’d seen Zahn’s name before, and another thirty minutes to work out in what!)

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