Saturday, 1 September 2012

Dr Who Series 7 Episode 1: The Asylum of the Daleks

Hmmm … 

Now, that I’m thinking, is an interesting opening to a season.


Hmmm … 

You’re possibly wondering what on Earth I’m talking about, aren’t you?   Aren’t you … ?

Well … 

Now’s as good a chance as any to try and explain, isn’t it?


As both my regular readers — and most of my friends — will tell you, I’m something of a Doctor Who fan: and have been for years.

So today, I’ll happily admit to having headed out to mow my Mum’s garden, and babysit my nephew Jude, and pick a couple of bits and bobs from the Brentwood High Street branch of both the Co-op, and Wilkinsons.

I like toilet roll: at least, I hate running out of it … !

And on top of this … ?

I wanted to make sure I got back home in time to cook myself some dinner and settle in to watch the opening episode of Series 7, Asylum of the Daleks.

Which was … 

Interesting … 

Yes, interesting, let’s put it that way.


Asylum of the Daleks sees the Doctor being summoned by the mysterious Darla von Karlstein to the original Dalek homeworld of Skaro: she — seemingly — wishes him to rescue her daughter from a Dalek prison camp.

As it turns out … ?   Darla is actually a Dalek agent: primed to kidnap the Doctor, Amy and Rory, to bring them before what’s called The Parliament of the Daleks.

It seems the Doctor’s oldest foe has a little job for the Doctor.

Helping them clean out the Asylum of the title: the planetoid where the Daleks keep the most rabidly deranged members of their species.

They’ve got … an intruder …

And the only person they trust to get into the Asylum to help them clean out both intruder and patients is the Doctor …


Now, I have to admit, I enjoyed tonight’s episode, I did.

It’s seemingly set up the oncoming series, briefly reintroduced us to the main characters whilst updating us about what they’ve been doing — modelling and getting divorced, I should add, here — and given  us an introduction to Jenna Louise Coleman, who’ll be debuting as the new companion later in the year.

And seemingly … ?

I’m thinking the few episodes we’ve been told constitute this first batch of stories — show-runner, Steven Moffat has been adamant that Series 7 will be 13 episodes — don’t seem to tie off any of the questions raised in series 6.

The whole thing with The Silence didn’t seem very well finished to me, in other words.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens, won’t we … ?

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