Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Exit Humanity: Hmmmm … 

16th Sept, 2012

And I’m thinking, here, that I’m serious.

I mean Hmmmm .

And, yes, I am very well aware you’re giving me a funny look, here.

But I’ve just seen Exit Humanity, and — as of here and now — I’m still wondering on what on Earth to make of it.

Hmmm … 

I’ve just seen the time: tell you what.

Let’s carry this on in the morning, shall we … ?

19th Sept, 2012

He says, picking up the  thread three days later.

It’s been one of those few days: but let’s leave that right there, shall we?   I’ve had enough of a whinge, this morning.

But, at ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, you’ve possibly worked out that I spent Sunday night with a film.

And the film in question … ?   Was the 2011 release, Exit Humanity.

Set not long after the American Civil War, and narrated by Brian Cox, Exit Humanity sees Mark Gibson as Edward Young: a man returning home from the hunt to find his wife killed by the hordes of the walking dead, and his son vanished.

Of course, from there … ?

From there is where things go seriously down hill.


Now, I’ve got to admit, I quietly enjoyed Exit Humanity, although it’s possibly a touch on the slow side.

It’s probably not going to be for you, if you’re something of a Gore-Fan.

But Exit Humanity is a quietly thoughtful zombie film: and both a beautifully shot and narrated one, with some rather atmospheric animation to glue things together.

If you’ve a couple of hours spare … ?

Exit Humanity could be an interesting watch …
Exit Humanity

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