Friday, 14 September 2012

The Friday Question Set — 14-09-2012

Now that’s an oddity … 

I have to admit, I’ve been doing doing some tinkering with my kid sister’s Windoze-based laptop: after receiving a dodgy patch from McAfee, it was refusing to hook up to the internet.

Whilst my mum’s Ubuntu based desktop — and my other kid sister’s iPhone — hooked up perfectly.

Through the same home router, I should add.

LORD know’s what’s happening, there, but it’s hooked up through mine, perfectly, under both Windoze and with an Ubuntu live disc.

Hmmm … 

I think Ruth may have a problem, there … 


But let’s get moving on, shall we?

After all, today is Friday: which, of course, means … … … 

The Friday Question Set … !

Here’s that question set, along with the Creative Common’s License it’s published under …
Online 168
Q1) The star sign-sign Taurus is associated with which animal?   
A1) The Bull.
Q2) Which European country produces Grúyere cheese?   
Q2) Switzerland.
Q3) Who played the young Indiana Jones, in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade?   
A3) River Phoenix.
Q4) Who was invested as Prince of Wales, in 1969?   
A4) Prince Charles.
Q5) Francis Drake’s ship, The Pelican, was re-named what?   
A5) The Golden Hind.
Q6) Which Gilbert & Sullivan opera is set in Venice?   
A6) The Gondoliers.
Q7) Which trio provided the voices for Bananaman?   
A7) The Goodies
Q8) What does an Omophagic eat: raw meat, raw vegetables, or nuts?   
A8) Raw meat.
Q9) True or false: Saint Christopher was the first Christian monk.   
A9) False.   It was Saint Anthony.
Q10) What name’s given to the rearmost mast on a three-masted ship?   
A10) The Mizzenmast.
Q11) Who wrote Empire of the Sun?   (Bonus for telling us what kind of fiction he first wrote.)   
A11) J.G.  Ballard.   (Science Fiction)
Q12) From which North American nation is science fiction writer, William Gibson?   
A12) Canada.
Q13) A hagiography is a book about the life of whom: a saint, a bishop or a pope?   
A13) A saint.
Q14) Who wrote the Mary Anne series of romantic novels?   
A14) Catherine Cookson.
Q15) Which famous crime writer wrote Death In Holy Orders?   
A15) P.D. James.
Q16) Losing My Virginity. is the title of whose autobiography?   
A16) Richard Branson’s.
Q17) Barbera Taylor Bradford was born in which English city?   
A17) Leeds.
Q18) How many discworld novels has Terry Pratchett written for adults?   
A18) 35.
Q19) Who wrote The Female Eunuch?   
A19) Germaine Greer.
Q20) In which children’s book was Captain Hook the villain?   
A20) Peter Pan.
Q21) What’s the world’s most used drug?   
A21) Aspirin.
Q22) Disposable razors first went on sale in which year of the 1890s?   
A22) 1895.
Q23) What’s the more common name for calcium oxide?   
A23) Quicklime.
Q24) What’s the largest planet in the solar system?   
A24) Jupiter.
Q25) How much of the Earth’s surface is covered in ice: 5%, 10%, or 15%?   
A25) 10%
Q26) Diamonds are made from which chemical element?   
A26) Carbon.
Q27) Name any of the three mammals make up the order Cetacea?   (Two points for all three)   
A27) Whales, dolphins and porpoises.
Q28) Astronomy is the study of what, stars, the future, or Asberger’s Syndrome?   
A28) Stars.
Q29) What does an aqueduct carry?   
A29) Water.
Q30) In which decade did man first land on the moon?   
A30) The 60’s.  (In 1968.)
Q31) Which red grape is usually used to make Champagne?   
A31) Pinot Noir.
Q32) What sort of drink is espresso?   
A32) Coffee.
Q33) What shape is the pasta in Lasagne?   (We know it’s flat, but … )   
A33) Rectangular.
Q34) What is mozzarella?   
A34) Cheese.
Q35) Which Australian opera singer has at least 2 dishes named after her?   (Extra point for naming one of them.)   
A35) Dame Nellie Melba.   (Melba Toast, and the Peach Melba.)
Q36) Is brioche a type of bread, banana or bun?   
A36) Bread.
Q37) Which liqueur is used to make a White Lady?   
A37) Cointreau.
Q38) What’s the main ingredient of a rosti?   
A38) Potatoes.
Q39) Angostura is obtained from what: leaves, wood or bark?   
A39) Bark.
Q40) Daiquiri’s usually have which spirit as a base?   
A40) Rum.
Q41) Which player won the 1972 Snooker World Championship?   Bonus for telling us his nickname.   
A41) Alex Higgins.   (Hurricane Higgins.)
Q42) What is footballer Razor Ruddock’s real first name?   
A42) Neil.
Q43) In August 1996, which former tennis player made his professional golfing debut, in the Czech Open?   
A43) Ivan Lendl.
Q44) Which Rugby League side was the first to score 1000 points, in a season?   
A44) St. Helens.
Q45) What sport is the original version of the film The Mean Machine about?   
A45) American football.
Q46) At which sport is Princess Anne an expert?   
A46) Show jumping.
Q47) For which country of the UK has Vinnie Jones played for?   
A47) Wales.
Q48) What was Paul Gascoigne’s first London club?   
A48) Tottenham Hotspur.
Q49) In which decade of the 20th century was Muhammed Ali born.   
A49) The 1940’s.
Q50) Which snooker player was born in Plumstead, in 1957?   
A50) Steve Davies.
Q51) Belonaphobia is a fear of what: needles, syringes or pins?   
A51) Needles.
Q52) Where is Britain most southerly mainland point?  (Bonus for saying which county it’s in)    
A52) Lizard Point.   (In Cornwall.)
Q53) What does Anno Domini mean?   
A53) Year of our Lord.
Q54) Who’s had hits with Cliff Richard, ELO, and John Travolta?   
A54) Olivia Newton John.
Q55) If you are DOA, what are you, medically speaking?   
A55) Dead on Arrival.
Q56) Which crisis did the UK become involved with, in 1956?   
A56) The Suez Crisis.
Q57) In which Spanish city is Bizet’s Carmen set?   
A57) Seville.
Q58) What bird is over the  door of the US embassy, in Grovenor Square, in London?   
A58) An eagle.
Q59) Which city was mentioned in the Book of Genesis, and is still in existence?   
A59) Damascus.
Q60) What did the City of London, along with 32 metropolitan boroughs, become in 1965?   
A60) Greater London.
Enjoy those, everyone.

I’ll catch you later … !

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