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The Friday Question Set — 28-09-2012

You know, I THINK I’m going to have to do some explaining, here, aren’t I … ? 

I think … !

You see, in case you’ve not realised it, I’ve had some quiz questions published in this week’s Brentwood Gazette, under under its current editor, Neville Wilson, Gazette People banner.

Now … 

I’m hoping I’ve a few new readers as a result of those questions.

Welcome to Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar.

I’m Nik Nak, and the bio in the paper is fairly accurate.

I’m literally both job hunting, and a recovering barman.

And pub-quiz master for hire.

I also write the Daily Teaser, which is a fun daily brain teaser: there’s no prizes … beyond the sheer joy of solving a (hopefully) challenging puzzle.

I should also add that I’m a quiz master for hire.   I’ll happily run at quiz at your venue — if we can agree a time and price.   And if I can get there.

I also write pub quizzes: and release them here, every Friday.  They’re free to use.

All I ask is that you give me an author’s credit, and tell people where you got them … and if you republish them, you do so under the same Creative Commons License I use.

Actually … ?

Talking of the Friday Question set, let’s get down to business, shall we … ?

Here’s today’s set: along with that License I mentioned …
Online 170   
Q1) In the famous cartoons, what bird does Wile E Coyote chase but never catch?   
A1) Road  Runner.
Q2) Where on your body are the Mounts of the Sun, Mercury and Venus?   
Q2) Your hand.   They’re the various parts of your palm.
Q3) How many times a day do Muslims have to pray: 4, 5 or 6?   
A3) 5.
Q4) In mythology, what made Perseus invisible: His cloak, his helmet, or his toga?   
A4) His helmet.
Q5) What is Cherie Blair’s maiden name?   
A5) Cherie Booth.
Q6) Which is the lower house in British politics?   
A6) The House of Commons.
Q7) Who is Watford grammar school’s most famous old girl: Sarah Ferguson or Geri Halliwell?   
A7) Geri Halliwell.
Q8) What is a quirt: a hammer, a whip or a noose?   
A8) A Whip.
Q9) Which word can mean trousers and breathes heavily?   
Q10) What word can go after SPECIAL and before LINE?   
Q11) How many islands are there in the Hawaiian group: 19, 29 or 39?   
A11) 19.
Q12) In wedding anniversaries, what an 11 anniversary: Paper, Lace or Steel?   
A12) Steel.
Q13) How many pairs of shoes did Imelda Marcos own: 2000, 3000, or 4000?   
A13) 3000.
Q14) How many drivers take part in each formula one Grand Prix race: 18, 20, or 22?   
A14) 22.
Q15) From how many miles can polar bears smell humans: 10, 20, or 30?   
A15) 20.
Q16) How many islands are in the Bissagos group: 15, 150 or 1500?   
A16) 15.
Q17) How many points does a Sycamore leaf haveL 4, 5, or 6?   
A17) 5.
Q18) How many other people has the average glass of London tap water passed through: 3, 9 or 12?   
A18) 9.
Q19) Which number is considered unlucky in Japan: 4, 7, or 11?   
A19) 4.
Q20) US Military intelligence, is set to use real sharks fitted with electronic chips in their brains, to spy on enemy ships. The distance of the frequency that the sharks will send signals from will be how long; – 20 miles, 200 miles, or 2000 miles?   
A20) 200 miles.
Q21) According a two year American study, The commercially named drug Crestor has been proven to beat certain types of which disease?   
A21) Heart disease.
Q22) Which planetary satellite did the space probe SMART 1 recently crash into?   
A22) The Moon.
Q23) What protein is cartilage made up of?   
A23) Collagen.
Q24) What would happen to you if you took an emetic?   
A24) You’d vomit.
Q25) What is the atomic number of copper: 23, 26, or 29?   
A25) 29.
Q26) What does a deltiologist study: soap, postcards, or hedgehogs?   
A26) Postcards.
Q27) Which gaseous element has the atomic number 1?   
A27) Hydrogen.
Q28) What term would you use to describe any flying object that hasn’t been identified as a natural or man-made entity?   
A28) U.F.O.
Q29) What is the atomic number of Plutonium: 94, 99, or 104?   
A29) 94.
Q30) In the metric system, what is a micro: a thousandth, a millionth or a billionth?   
A30) A millionth.
Q31) The Jacket that inspired The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album was sold at auction recently for £100, 000.   But which member of The Beatles first wore said item?   
A31) John Lennon.
Q32) Which country won the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest?   
A32) Serbia.
Q33) Trevor Smith is the real name of which rapper?   
A33) Busta Rhymes.
Q34) Who provides the voice of Michael Caine, for the Madness hit, Michael Caine?   
A34) Michael Caine.
Q35) Which British band won the Eurovision Song Contest with Making Your Mind Up?   
A35) Bucks Fizz.
Q36) Jason Mizell was better known as which member of Run DMC?   
A36) Jam Master Jay.
Q37) How many symphonies did Brahms write: 4, 5, or 6?   
A37) 4.
Q38) 1992 single, Cop Killer was by which rapper?   
A38) Ice-T.
Q39) Born in the USA,” by Bruce Stringsteen, was written about which war?   
A39) The Vietnam War
Q40) 3 Feet High & Rising, was the debut album by which rap band?   
A40) De La Soul.
Q41) Which football team play their home games at Gaye Meadow?   
A41) Shrewsbury Town FC.
Q42) Which former England football manager has also managed Ipswich, Porto, Barcelona and Newcastle?   
A42) Bobby Robson.
Q43) Did Jimmy Greaves ever play in a World Cup Final?   
A43) No.
Q44) Who won the last world cup of the 20th Century?   
A44) France.
Q45) Which European country did Berti Vogts manage?   
A45) Germany.
Q46) Which ex-World Cup manager’s autobiography is called An Englishman Abroad?   
A46) Bobby Robson.
Q47) Who was sent off, in France ’98, and fled to his wife, in New York?   
A47) David Beckham.
Q48) Who became sarcastically known as The Hand Of God?   
A48) Diego Maradona.  (Accept Maradona, or “That Argentine bastard!”)
Q49) At which stadium do West Ham United play their home games?   
A49) The Boleyn Ground.
Q50) Which team played at the Old Showground?   
A50) Scunthorpe United.
Q51) Victorian era photographs are often called what tone?   
A51) Sepia
Q52) What do the initials R.A.D.A represent?   
A52) Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
Q53) How many carats are there  in pure gold: 12, 24 or 36?   
A53) 24
Q54) Which model was named the best dressed woman in the world for 2006, by Tatler magazine?   
A54) Kate Moss.
Q55) What, according to the proverb, does Familiarity breed?   
A55) Contempt
Q56) What is a Killick; – a small climbing hook, a small axe, or a small anchor?   
A56) A small anchor
Q57) What was the most popular baby girl’s name of 2005: Hannah, Jane, or Emily?   
A57) Emily
Q58) Who is older: Phil Collins or Robbie Coltrane?   
A58) Robbie Coltrane
Q59) Who rush in, where Angels fear to tread?   
A59) Fools
Q60) Is a quadrogenarian in their 30s, 40s or 50s.   
A60) Their 40s

Enjoy those, everyone: I hope those are useful.

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