Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dr Who Series 7: The Power Of Three

Well, blow me backwards, and colour me rhubarb … !

I THINK I’ve just wet myself … !

Actually, no, forget I said that: I might be getting old, but I’m not THAT old … !

What I am am … ?

What I am is something I know Grub will give me a ribbing for saying: is impressed.

And, before you ask … ?

Downright impressed with tonight’s episode of Dr Who.

You probably hadn’t guessed, had you … ?

He says … !


Written by Chris Chibnall, The Power Of Three sees the Doctor staying with Amy and Rory, in order to help puzzle out something of a mystery: the sudden and strange appearence of small black boxes, that are all over planet Earth.

Small black boxes that are — apparently — inert, for at least a year.

Until one of them … starts twitching …


Now …

I was saying ‘impressed’ … ?

Oh, LORDY , wasn’t I just … !

I am literally sitting here wondering if I’ve just seen the episode of Matt Smith’s Dr Who career.

Frankly … ?

Frankly, I don’t know: but equally frankly, both The Power Of Three and last week’s episode, A Town Called Mercy, are the highlights of the series of the season, so far, wit h The Power having the edge: both in writing quality, and in performances.

And I do mean performances: all three series regulars — Smith, Gillan and Darville — are on form, in this series.

As are the two guest stars, tonight, Jemma Redgrave as the Brigadier’s daughter, no less, and Steven Berkhoff as the episode villain, the Shakri.

As a question … ?   Where the HELL can you go wrong … ?

You can’t … !

And what’s more … ?

Moffat’s own babies — River Song AND the Weeping Angels — are back, next week.

Should be good … !


Andy Shirling said...

Love,loved it. The whole of this season has been amazing, making the time slot for the programme flash by in seconds. Matt has done a great job,being The Doctor, and of course the writers are off the scale.
Next week being the last episode before Xmas makes me want to hibernate until Christmas eve.
Thinking of next year and the 50th Anniversary,I hope all the remaining Doctors and companions will have a part in the celebration.

Nik Nak said...

Actually, I’m tempted to hibernate, myself: but that means missing Merlin.

But I still want to see how the … ah … situation with Amy and Rory goes.

Debbi said...

I watched it tonight and was also impressed. :)

I'm going to miss Amy and Rory. :(