Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Exorcism of Emily Rose: Possibly the World’s Fluffiest horror film

You know, there’s times I’ll catch a movie: you’d worked that out, hadn’t you … ?

There’s times I don’t: tonight, for example, is one of the times I’m NOT planning a movie: Dr Who’s on, and I’d actually like to see if Grub’s right, and the producer’s have Jenna Louise Coleman into everyone of these first five episodes.

Which I personally doubt, but it’d be interesting to find out.

And there’s times, like now, where I watched a movie one night, and only get to write about it the day after.

Like right now.

Believe it or not, I actually managed to catch a film last night, and it’s only now I’m telling you about … 


Set in an unspecified — but seemingly rural — part of the USA, The Exorcism of Emily Rose sees an agnostic lawyer — Erin Brunner, played by Laura Linney — having to defend a Catholic priest  — Tom Wilkinson’s Father Moore — who’s accused of Neglectful Homicide after one of his parishioners — the Emily Rose of the film’s title — dies after an unsuccessful attempt at exorcism.

Told mostly in flashback, the film follows Father Moore’s trial from his lawyer initially the case, right up to the inevitable end: and charts Emily’s case from initial diagnosis, until her death.

And I have to admit … 

This is a film with a suspiciously happy ending.

For what’s an ostensible horror movie.


Now … 

Am I going to tell you to go get The Exorcism of Emily Rose … ?

Well, to be frank, that all depends on what else you’ve got to do with your time and money.

Personally … ?   Well, personally, if I’d’ve had the cash, I might well have seen the show at Brentwood Theatre, last night.

On the other hand … ?

Not having the cash to go out, meant catching whatever I could indoors.

And The Exorcism of Emily Rose is an entertaining, if not perfect, way of filling some time: certainly on a par with The Order, I felt.

Keep that in mind, if you rent if, folks …
The Exorcism of Emily Rose★☆☆☆

*        Which is apparently based on a true story.   Make of that what you will … 

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