Monday, 30 May 2016

House of Cards — Series 3: Episode 11 (Chapter 37)

You know, I really have to work around stuff!

Or possibly not!

No, thinking about it, I’m right.

Today … ?

I’ve been frantically writing more teasers: AND  the appropriate video.

Whilst heading out, shopping.

And frankly?   Washing my socks!

As I couldn’t do all of THAT lot, tomorrow: as I’m on a long shift!

You know, if it wasn’t for the collection of TV box-sets I’ve got, sitting around?

I’d be bored, stiff!


Thankfully, though … ?

Thankfully, I’ve got enough TV shows banked up: to watch as and when.

Right now … ?

I’m sitting at my desk, with OMD’s Dazzle Ships playing in the background … 

Having caught another episode of House of Cards third season.

And, yes: it’s looking good.


Episode 11 opens with Claire giving a speech on Frank’s behalf: whilst managing to avoid Franks biographer, Thomas Yates played by Paul Sparks.

Frank, himself? Is in Iowa for a three-way debate: between him, Heather Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel) and Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker).

The ambitious Congresswoman Sharp … ?

Has made a deal to support Frank: so long as he goes easy on her in the debate.

Something she ends up regretting.

Well … 

Politician’s lie … 


Now … 

I’m told Series three of House of Cards has had its critics.

As I think I said in my last post on the subject, I can appreciate that.

I think series 3 feels slightly different: and I get the impression there are those who feel it’s the weakest of the available episodes.


I believe tonight’s 11th episode is still watchable TV: especially in concentrating on the Bernie Saunders-like Heather Dunbar, and the ambitious  —and very Underwoodian— Jackie Sharp.

That, I think, is what I feel I should stress.

Episode Eleven of House of Cards three may not be moving the plot forward, rapidly.

But IS showing us the ensemble characters emotional lives.

That’s just as important.

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