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Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 28-5-2016

Right … 

I have to say, I’m feeling vaguely rushed, right now.

I’m doing my usual Friday thing.


It’s Friday: which means pay day … and pay the bills day.

And — as ever — post up a question set, a teaser, AND get dinner, before I go to work for four o’clock!

Anyone got a spare secretary can can do all this for me?


At ANY rate, today is Friday.

Which mean’s it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s: covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License* … 

Online 339

Q1) The Yuan is the currency of which East Asian country?
A1) China.

Q2) Louis Washkansky was the first person to receive what?

Q3) Raisins are made from which fruit?
A3) Grapes.

Q4) According to legend, how many horns does a unicorn have?
A4) One.

Q5) What is measured in decibels?
A5) Sound.

Q6) Who, according to legend, was the last king of Troy?

Q7) How many countries are there, in Africa?
A7) 54.   (There’s two nations will are still disputed …)

Q8) Diluted Acetic acid is better known as what?
A8) Vinegar.

Q9) What is a water moccasin?
A9) A snake.

Q10) The City of Brotherly Love is the nickname of which US city?


Q11) What name is given to someone who hoards things?
A11) A magpie.

Q12) A coward is also known as a what?
A12) A chicken.

Q13) In golf, 2 under par?
A13) An eagle.

Q14) Again, in golf, three under par?
A14) An albatross.

Q15) Scoring no runs in cricket, is what type of bird?
A15) A duck.

Q16) If you’re burying your head in the sand, in the hope something will go away, you’re said to be acting like a what?
A16) An ostrich.

Q17) If you’re giving up drugs, you are said to be going cold what?
A17) Turkey.

Q18) Staying up all night will get you called what?
A18) A Night Owl.

Q19) If you’re gulping all you’re food in a rush, what sea bird would you be compared to?
A19) A gannet.

Q20) What bird might a vain person be compared to?
A20) A peacock.


Q21) Who won the Best Director Oscar for Dances With Wolves?
A21) Kevin Costner.

Q22) Who got the Best Actor Oscar for Silence of the Lambs?
A22) Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Q23) Braveheart was set in which country of the UK?
A23) Scotland.

Q24) Which plasticine pair had won 6 Oscar’s by 1998?
A24) Wallace and Gromit.

Q25) Who won the Best Actress Oscar, for her appearance in Dead Man Walking?
A25) Susan Sarandon.

Q26) Which film got the Best Picture Oscar, in the same year that Tom Hanks got Best Actor for Forest Gump?
A26) Forest Gump.

Q27) In which year did The English Patient win the Best Picture Oscar?
A27) 1996.

Q28) Who won the Best Actor Oscar, for his appearance in Scent of a Woman?
A28) Al Pacino.

Q29) Which Oscar winning movie holds the record for the most on screen live extras?
A29) Gandhi.

Q30) For which 1997 film did James Cameron get a Best Director Oscar?
A30) Titanic.


Q31) Who wrote the lyrics for the 90’s version of Candle In The Wind?
A31) Bernie Taupin.

Q32) Who is the Sid, of Sid and Nancy notoriety?
A32) Sid Vicious.

Q33) Which band’s music features in the film, Mamma Mia!
A33) Abba.

Q34) Who first hit the UK top ten, with Cornflake Girl?
A34) Tori Amos.

Q35) What country does Bjork come from?
A35) Iceland.

Q36) The Wailers were whose backing band?
A36) Bob Marley.

Q37) Who, during the 1980s, was Addicted To Love?
A37) Robert Palmer.

Q38) Keith, Greg and Carl: better known as which trio?
A38) Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Q39) Which band shares its name with a 1962 hit for Bernard Cribbins?
A39) Right, Said Fred.

Q40) Who was the first Spice Girl to get engaged?
A40) Victoria Adams/Beckham.  (Accept Posh Spice.)


Q41) Hollyoaks set is set in which English town?
A41) Chester.

Q42) Which Neighbours star had a sister who appeared in Home & Away?
A42) Kylie Minogue

Q43) When first screened, what was Emmerdale called?
A43) Emmerdale Farm.

Q44) What’s the post-code for Walford, in EastEnders?
A44) E20.

Q45) More to the point, Scott Maslen plays which EastEnders character?

Q46) Lesley Saweard is the world’s longest serving actress in a soap: and play Christine Barford.   In which soap?
A46) The Archers

Q47) Lindenstraße is a long running soap opera: in which European country?
A47) Germany.

Q48) Which now long gone soap was set in a motel in the Midlands?

Q49) Phil Redmond created which Channel Four soap?
A49) Brookside.

Q50) Christopher Timothy played Mac McGuire: in which daytime soap?
A50) Doctors.


Q51) If an antique has been made from tortoiseshell, what animal has it been made from?
A51) A Turtle.

Q52) Where on the body might a cataract appear?
A52) eye.

Q53) The giant panda is native to which continent?
A53) Asia.

Q54) What word does the Q stand for, in the phrase “IQ?”
A54) Quotient.

Q55) In which African country is the city of Durban?

Q56) R.G Hardie and Sons are the Queens official suppliers of what?
A56) Bagpipes..

Q57) Mg is the chemical symbol for which metal?
A57) Magnesium.

Q58) What is a Death Cap?

Q59) Papyrus was an early form of which everyday item?
A59) Paper.

Q60) How many packs of cards do you need for a game of canasta?
A60) Two.

Enjoy this: I hope they help …

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