Tuesday, 3 May 2016

House of Cards — Series 3: Episode 3 (Chapter 29)

You know, I like having time off … 


I’m actually going through some, right now.

Yes … I’ve got until Saturday off, and am back to work on Sunday.

In  theory … ?   That gives me plenty of time — in theory — to relax!

Which, two days in, hasn’t actually started … 

Regardless of that … ?

Regardless of that, I’ve managed to prepare tomorrow’s Teaser video.

AND catch some much wanted TV.

Yes … 

You’re right … 

I’ve caught another episode of House of Cards, series 3.

And I think they’ve just given us a really MEATY character … 

Episode 3 opens by showing us protestors: protesting at the state visit of Russian President, Viktor Petrov (Lars Mikkelsen).

Between them?

The two country’s want to attempt to build peace in the Middle East: by putting US troops in the Jordan Valley area.

Something the Russian President really doesn’t want.

Things build to a head: in the aftermath of a State dinner: with a lot of vodka doing the rounds.

It’s only during private meetings, after that dinner?

That the two presidents realise they are going to clash: as President Petrov wants an announcement from President Underwood that US troops are heading for the Valley.

Something President Underwood … ?

REALLY doesn’t want to do … 


Now … 

Is this episode STILL good … ?

Or, LORD, yes!

Now, I’ll make a confession: this series hasn’t necessarily introduced drastic new bits of plot.

But, in the shape of Lars Mikkelsen’s Viktor Petrov … ?

Have a character that is both a ruthless political heavyweight … AND every bit as nasty as a certain FU … 

Good, ’ere, innit … ?

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