Tuesday, 17 May 2016

House of Cards — Series 3: Episode 8 (Chapter 34)

You know, I’ve JUST … 

No, scrub that.

I was going to tell you I’d just got home.

But that’s not strictly the case.

I actually got home, just before seven.   Grabbed something to eat … and had a shower.

And only THEN decided that, as I had the evening to myself, I should really be taking a little time to just sit in Front of the TV, and watch something.

As I was feeling clean, after a hard days work!

Clean and fed, I think I can safely say … I wanted to catch up.

Very specifically catch up with House of Cards


Episode 8 presents Frank with a dilemma: his ‘America Works’ programme has been funded — thus far — by monies from the US FEMA agency.

FEMA’s bosses — and the appropriate Congressional committees — want Frank to do sign an emergency bill: one that will grant official cash to the AmWork project … 

AND put MORE cash into FEMA

As hurricane Faith gradually heads to the East Coast of the US.

Things are getting tense … 

It’s only at the end of the episode, Frank decides he can be candid with his biographer, Thomas Yates (Paul Sparks) … 

Telling Yates that the only way he can guarantee the America Works programme goes through, as the incumbent President.

Which means standing, in 2016.

Politicians lie, remember?


Now … ?

Good … ?

Yes, actually.

Although I have to point out that Chapter 34 was comparatively light on major plot points: it struck the the episode was filling in the Details of why Frank has Decided to Run for President, and very little else.


It does carry the plot forward, I think.

Leaving me wanting more … 

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