Monday, 3 October 2016

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 3-10-2016

Right … 

It’s Monday morning.

Which means it’s time for me to go … well, back to job-hunting.

And frankly?   I’m thinking that maybe wondering around to Brentwood Job Center, to make use of their facilities, might by an idea.

Although it can be done just as easily as home.


As I write … ?

As I write, I’ve got a documentary on: that I recorded last night.

It’s one by Louis Theroux:  following up on his original documentary about Jimmy Saville, in the wake of the truth about the man coming out, after his death.

It has to be said … Saville fooled both Theroux — a documentarian known for his intelligence — as much as he fooled the nation.

I think, if you can … ?   I’d watch that on the BBC iPlayer.

It’s possibly the most uncomfortable thing to watch.   But that makes it all the more compulsive.


Let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Olga* and Debbi† putting in their answers: with both scoring ten out of ten.

Let’s see how everyone does with todays questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How To, License and video … 

Q1) Tribal chief, Kintpuash, died, on 3rd October, 1873: at the end of a war between his tribe, and US forces.   Kintpuash is best remembered as Captain … who?
Q2) Boris 3rd came to the Bulgarian throne, on 3rd October, 1918: after being on the losing side, during World War 1.   He acceded the throne, after his father what: died, abdicated or disappeared?
Q3) More to the point, what’s the capital of modern Bulgaria?
Q4) Abyssinia was invaded by an Italian army: on the 3rd October of which year of the 1930s?
Q5) Which of the Space Shuttles made its maiden voyage: on 3rd October, 1985?
Q6) Finally … 3rd October, 1952, saw post World War 2 rationing of what, end: sugar, tea or bananas?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 2nd October saw the birth of Indian Civil Rights leader, Mahatma Gandhi.   In which year of the 1860s?
A1) 1869.
Q2) Gandhi studied Law in the UK: in the Inner Temple.   The Inner Temple is one of four Inns of Court: in which UK city?
A2) London.
Q3) In 1893, Gandhi started practicing law: in which country of the British Empire?
Q4) Gandhi returned to India, when: 1914, 1915 or 1916?
A4) 1915.
Q5) The first of Gandhi’s major Indian protests were in Bihar and Gujarat.   He help indentured labourers who grew what: saffron, indigo or rice?
A5) Indigo.   (You can read more aboutr the plant, and the colour, here.)
Q6) Gandhi also organised what’s occasionally called the Dandi March.   The March were in protest against a British monopoly: on the production of what?
A6) Salt.
Q7) What was the term Gandhi used for the non-violent protests he organised: Sayonara, Satyagraha or Sitonacushion?
A7) Satyagraha.   Sayonara is a Japanese word that means ‘Goodbye.’   As for ‘sit on a cushion’ … ?
Q8) Famously, Gandhi opposed sati.   Sati is the suicide of a woman after whose death?
A8) Her husband’s.   (It’s also called suttee: the traditional form was for the widow to throw herself on her husband’s funeral pyre.)
Q9) What was the name of the political party that Gandhi was president of?
A9) The Indian National Congress, or Congress as it’s also called.
Q10) Finally … Gandhi’s been known as ‘Mahatma’ for many years.   In Sanskit, Mahatma means Great … what?
A10) Soul.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“There is something about a bureaucrat that does not like a poem.”
Gore Vidal, October 3, 1925 – July 31, 2012.
And this song … 

Enjoy your day …

*        She might just, at that, Olga!   (Did you catch the Saville documentary?   Dear lord … … )

†        Yeah, looking back, Debbi!   Oy vey!   (Just got this Saville documentary on, right now: it’s hypnotic stuff …)


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Congratulations on the job. I'm sure you'll tell us tomorrow. I'm travelling back to the UK tomorrow so not sure if I'll manage to catch up but I'll try. I'll try to watch the documentary. From the professional point of view (more writing than forensic psychiatry these days but both) it must be interesting for sure.
Q1) Jack
Q2) Abdicated
Q3) Sofia
Q4) 1935
Q5) Atlantis
Q6) Tea

Debbi said...

Sounds interesting. Good documentaries are awesome! :)

1. Jack
2. abdicated
3. Sofia
4. 1935
5. Atlantis
6. tea

I hear congratulations are in order! :) Well done!!!

BTW, don't know if you saw this, but here's what I did over the weekend!