Friday, 7 October 2016

The Evil Dead — More Hmmm … 

7th October, 2016.

You know … *yawns* … I have to admit to being a film fan.

A tired one, at the moment: put the blame on stress.

And bad food!

Long story, there.

At ANY rate … 

I’m a tired film fan.

One who’s just seen Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead: and isn’t necessarily stunned.


The Evil Dead sees five students heading for a cabin in a rural part of Tennessee.

An especially quiet, rural part of Tennessee … 

The cabin … ?

Has a basement.

Complete with an ancient Sumerian spell book, hidden in a corner.

And a tape recorder: of the cabin’s previous owner, reciting the spells that call up … SOMETHING!

You can bet it’s not the emergency services, can’t you … ?


Now … 

Did I enjoy The Evil Dead?

I’m not sure I did.

I know the film’s got a cult following: and many people think well of it.

I also know it kickstarted the career of director, Sam Raimi: and actor/comedian, Bruce Campbell.

But, for me?

It’s not quite my thing, I think.

Still … 

I’m opened to being persuaded otherwise.

Who knows.
The Evil Dead


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