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Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 7-10-2016


That’s THAT sorted … !

I’m job-hunting at the mo.

Although I start a new job on Monday: in Chelmsford.

Which could have gone hideously wrong: if, as things looked like they were going to do, this morning, and I was not going to get help for the first season ticket to work.


I’ve not got that sorted out: as the Job Centre’s decided to give me a one off grant.

It’s all good!

At any rate … ?

It’s Friday: and therefore the day when I suspect pub quizmasters will be looking for … the Friday Question Set … !

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 350

Q1) Which nation were defending champions at the 1966 World Cup?
A1) Brazil.

Q2) If you are DOA, what are you, medically speaking?

Q3) Which crisis did the UK become involved with, in 1956?
A3) The Suez Crisis.

Q4) What does Anno Domini mean?

Q5) Which Japanese word means “Divine Wind”?

Q6) Who’s the current Archbishop of Canterbury?
A6) Archbishop Justin Welby.

Q7) How is the American army’s General Purpose Vehicle better known?
A7) The Jeep.

Q8) Who was the first US President to be assassinated?

Q9) In 1965, the City of London, along with 32 metropolitan boroughs, became what?

Q10) La Maison Rogue, the Bibliothèque nationale and the Louvre, Are all in which French city?
A10) Paris.


Q11) The song, Memories, comes from from which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?
A11) Cats.

Q12) Which John famously starred in the film version of Grease?
A12) John Travolta.

Q13) Which Michæl had a hit with Music of the Night?
A13) Michæl Crawford.

Q14) Who duetted with Elaine Paige on the single, I Know Him So Well?
A14) Barbara Dickson.

Q15) More to the point, what musical does I Know Him So Well and One Night In Bangkok come from?
A15) Chess.

Q16) Which musical about a magical car, is based on a book by spy writer, Ian Fleming?
A16) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Q17) The song, Springtime for Hitler came from which musical?
A17) The Producers

Q18) In the film version of Evita, who played Ché Guevara?
A18) Antonio Banderas.

Q19) Elphaba and Galinda are the two main characters in which musical?
A19) Wicked.

Q20) The Book Of Mormon is being shown at a theatre in London. Which theatre: The Dominion, the Prince of Wales or the Shaftesbury?
A20) The Prince of Wales.


Q21) International Rescue appears in which kids show?
A21) Thunderbirds.

Q22) Dylan and Ermintrude appear in what?
A22) The Magic Roundabout.

Q23) In The Muppets, what type of animal was Fozzie.
A23) A bear.

Q24) Which continent did Paddington Bear from?
A24) South America.

Q25) “Here is a house, here is a door. Windows; -1, 2, 3, 4!”   That’s the introduction from what show?
A25) Playschool.

Q26) What was the number plate, on Postman Pat’s van?
A26) PAT 1.

Q27) Rod, Jane and Freddy sang on which show?
A27) Rainbow.

Q28) Bendy Go, Little Sandy and and Humpty Do, all have numbers on their stomachs.   And are in which show?

Q29) Which cartoon mice persistently planned to take over the world?

Q30) Which cartoon pirate saw daylight — or TV air time — in 1957, 1974 and ’75, and 1998?
A30) Captain Pugwash.   (Come back, Roger the Cabin Boy, all is forgiven.)


Q31) In which film did Hannibal Lector first appear?
A31) Manhunt.

Q32) Which Steven Spielberg film was advertised as “65 million years in the making”?
A32) Jurassic Park.

Q33) Which English film swept the Oscar’s board in 1997?
A33) The English Patient.

Q34) Which musical instrument featured in the title of a 1993 Oscar winner?
A34) The Piano.

Q35) In which Disney film did Robin Williams play the voice of a genie?
A35) Aladdin.

Q36) Which legendary hero was the Prince of Thieves?
A36) Robin Hood.

Q37) Finish the title of the film.   Teenage Mutant Ninja … what?
A37) Turtles.

Q38) In which film is Peter Pan a father and lawyer?
A38) Hook.

Q39) Susan Sarandon Helen Prejean, in which film?
A39) Dead Man Walking

Q40) Who famously played Eva Duarte, in a 1996 movie?   (Bonus point for the movie.)
A40) Madonna.   (Evita.)


Q41) The clock tower of Saint James Palace has how many faces?
A41) Four.   (It’s commonly known as Big Ben, of course.)

Q42) Charles Dickens, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel were both born in which English port?
A42) Portsmouth.

Q43) The Lord Mayor of London traditionally holds his annual banquet in which London building?
A43) The Guildhall.

Q44) Which Womble was name after a town on the Isle of Mull?
A44) Tobermory.

Q45) Which Channel island is famed for having no cars?
A45) Sark.

Q46) Where in Wales, is Beaumaris Castle?
A46) Anglesey

Q47) Girton and Newnham are colleges of which University?
A47) Cambridge.

Q48) Where in London is the Lutine Bell?
A48) Lloyd’s of London.

Q49) Bryher is one of which group of Islands?
A49) The Scillies.

Q50) Which Hills divide England and Scotland?
A50) The Cheviot Hills.


Q51) The Gower Peninsula is in which Welsh County?
A51) The County of Swansea.   (Which had been West Glamorgan, until 1996)

Q52) What was first put into the £1 note, in 1940?
A52) The metal strip.

Q53) Arnold Palmer died in 2016.   Which sport did he play?
A53) Golf.

Q54) The island of Curaçao — kur-a-sow — is in where: the Caribbean sea, the Norwegian Sea or the South China Sea?
A54) The Caribbean.

Q55) Spell the word, thorough.   In British English.
A55) Thorough.   (It’s technically the same in American English: although Merriam-Websters — the US equivalent to the OED — also gives thoro as an acceptable alternative.)

Q56) A reciprocating engine has a what: microphone, piston or flange?
A56) A piston.

Q57) The Grand National is what kind of horse race: National Hunt, or flat?
A57) National Hunt.

Q58) Sunflowers, The Iron Mill in the Hague and The Starry Night, are all paintings by who?
A58) Vincent van Gogh.

Q59) Android, iOS and Symbian are all used on what: laptops, washing machines or phones?
A59) Phones.

Q60) 457 Alleghenia is a what: star, asteroid or moon?
A60) An asteroid.

I hope those are useful!

*        The license means you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: it covers Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — or to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated: as would pressing my donate button, here.   Every penny is gratefully received.

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