Thursday, 19 April 2012

BBC News - Alan Turing papers on code breaking released by GCHQ

Now THAT’s a result … 

Anyone who’s been reading me for a while knows I’ve always got time for the late Alan Turing: the Cambridge mathematician who originally came up with the idea of a programmable digital computer, and helped this country win WW2.

Well, handily, two 70 year old papers on code breaking by Turing have recently been released by their owners/holders.

GCHQ, of all people … !

Nice to know they’ve let them go.

But it probably tells you quite a bit about either them.

Or Turing, himself.


Moving rapidly on … ?

You’ll probably remember me saying— this morning — that I’d had a recent letter published in this weeks Gazette:after an article they’d published: all about the planned development in Saint James Road.

Here’s the article concerned.

And here’s what the Gazette released yesterday.

I read your article about the arson incident and have to do two things in response.
Firstly, congratulate my fellow tenant, Mr Williams, for his speedy response: He may not have saved lives: but has served as a positive example.
Secondly — as you’re probably no doubt aware — I and others have been objecting to Taylor Wimpey’s plans to further develop the area, for at least two years.
My own personal objections hinge on the one point your article puts very well.
That — with the current state of development in the area — parking has increased to the point where emergency vehicle access, as this incident shows, is hard and verging on the impossible.
Now, I’ll admit, I’m hoping a couple of things happen as a result of this.
For starters, I hope that Taylor Wimpey’s current and future plans for the area get turned down, the next time they come before Brentwood Council’s Planning committee.
What’s more, I’ve been told by several people — Taylor Wimpey’s spokespeople, included — that, due to ‘the legalities involved’, something has to be put next to Brunel House.
I really hope someone comes along to rewrite the laws that say that.
Here’s hoping it all adds to the objections to Taylor Wimpey want to put there.

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