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The Daily Teaser — 07-04-2012

Oh, right … THAT’S how it goes … ?

Sorry, sorry, been fiddly with the photo positioning on here: I’m starting to be interested in it.

Boys and their toys, eh … ?

Actually, while I’m IN a slightly geeky mode … ?

I really should tell you about this piece that’s just floated across the Radio 4 news.

Seemingly … ?

Seemingly, the Post Office is going to be issuing stamps: obviously, they’ll be issuing stamps!

But they’ll be issuing stamps, whenever a member of Team GB wins a Gold medal at this years Olympics.

I’m not a sports fan: but plenty of those would be nice to see, I think … 

Let’s move on, shall we … ?


Yesterday’s* Teaser saw Debbi putting in her answers: and, along with admitting how upset she was about the death of Kurt Cobain and how The Long Good Fridayª looked good, also managing to bag 7 out of 8.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video
Q1) 7th April is World Health Day, celebrating the founding of the World Health Organisation: in which year … ?
Q2) What’s the theme of this year’s World Health Day … ?
Q3) 7th April, 1969, saw the publication of RFC1, considered by many to mark the birthdate of the Internet.   What does RFC stand for … ?
Q4) 7th April, 1827, saw chemist, John Walker, sell his first what: aspirin, friction match or ulcer cure … ?
Q5) 7th April, 1986, saw Sir Clive Sinclair sell his computer business to Amstrad.   How was his most successful product, the ZX Spectrum, marketed in the USA … ?
Q6) And finally … 7th April, 1989, saw the K-278 Komsomolets sink off the coast of Norway: was it a a seaplane, freighter or submarine … ?

And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers … 
Q1) 6th April, 1896, saw the opening of the first modern Olympic Games: which Roman Emperor — as far as anyone can tell — banned the games, in 393?    A1) Flavius Theodosius Augustus: better known to us, as Theodosius I and Theodosius the Great.   (He also banned Haruspicy: the reading of animal entrails, to try and predict the future.   You do know, I’ve got a seriously cynical comment about tripe, in the works?)
Q2) What was the name of the Frenchman who instigated those first games … ?    A2) Pierre de Coubertin.   (Holder of the 1912 Olympic Gold Medal for Literature, for his poem, Ode to Sport.   Should’ve got it for the ’tache, some poor walrus has SUFFERED for that … !)
Q3) Those first games were what’s called the Games of the ist Olympiad: what number are this year’s 2012 London Olympics?    A3) The XXX: or 30th.
Q4) Moving on … 6th April, 1199, saw the death of Richard 1st: what was his nickname … ?A4) Richard the Lionheart: or Cœur de Léon.
Q5) The 6th April Youth Movement is active in which country … ?    A5) Egypt.
Q6) 6th April, 1974, saw WHO win the Eurovision Song Contest … ?    A6) ABBA.
Q7) More to the point, what song did that band sing … ?    A7) Waterloo.
Q8) And FINALLY … 6th April, 1490, saw the death of Hungarian king, Matthias Corvinus: in which series of vampire films do the Corvinus family make an appearance … ?    A8) The Underworld† series.
Enjoy those, everyone: considering the on-going row about the Met’s handling of racism … ?   I think celebrating Billie Holliday’s birth with Strange Fruit is very appropriate …

*        Oh, that’s true, Debbi: ANY young live is wasted, when it ends that way.

ª        Hang on, have you not seen it, Debbi … ?   You’ve missed a treat, there, if you haven’t, Debbi … !   Especially when you find out who turns up at the end … !

†        Actually, there’s an irony to Debbi’s wrong answer, yesterday: I believe you’ll find Mathias Corvinus, or one of his relatives, was the overlord of a certain Wallachian voivode

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Debbi said...

Billie Holiday was great, wasn't she? That song resonated with me. I think you'd enjoy my other two books. I'm hoping to get the new book into print as soon as I can. I'm waiting on the cover.

1. 1948
2. ageing and health (kind of ironic, huh? ha ha ha...)
3. requests for comments
4. friction match
5. Timex Sinclair
6. submarine

Have a happy Easter! :)