Thursday, 5 April 2012

Ooooh … The Gazette’s At It, Again … !

No, Really, the Gazette’s at it, again: and thankfully, in a  GOOD way.

Now, as you’ve probably worked out … ?

As you’ve probably worked, I’ regularly buy the local paper, the Brentwood Gazette.

And I’m quite pleased — in this week’s edition — to see this report about how a fire in nearby Brunel House was triggered by a group of misbehaving local teens.

And how this was put out by one of the residents, a Mr Lee Williams.

Good for him … !

A couple of things in the article did catch my attention, though.

Firstly … ?

The simple fact that Encore, the company that manages that part of the estate — my block being managed by various branches of Circle Anglia, my landlords — is thinking of putting in smoke detectors into the communal areas.

The other part … ?

Is where the article says “ … when the fire engine arrived at the scene, it was unable to reach the property due to parked cars, as issue with residents for at least two years.”

Well, blow me … !

SOMEONE out there likes me!

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