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The Belated Friday Question Set


You know, I have to admit, I usually try and make a point of getting the Friday Question set out and published … 

On a FRIDAY … !

But I’ll happily admit to having the occasional … well, lapse … 

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, I can remedy that, by posting it up today.

Here … 

Here’s the set, covered, as always, by the Creative Commons License.
Online 147   
Round 1 General Knowledge.
Q1) Which Russian leader announced his retirement in 1990?   A1) Boris Yeltsin.
Q2) Which veteran football manager went home to rescue the magpies?   
A2) Frank Dobson.
Q3) Which river was to have a new bridge, as part of the Millennium celebrations?   
A3) The Thames.  (The wobbling bridge)
Q4) During the 90s, who was the highest paid woman on TV?   (Extra point for the tv show).   
A4) Carol Vorderman of  Countdown.
Q5) In what year of the 1980’s was Black Monday?   
A5) 1987.
Q6) In which country did the Tonton Macoute operate?   
A6) Haiti.   (They were Papa Doc Duvalier’s secret police.)
Q7) Who wrote the book Spycatcher?   
A7) Former MI5 agent, Peter Wright.
Q8) What type of plane first landed at Heathrow, in January 1970?   
A8) A Boeing 747/Jumbo jet.
Q9) Which film gave John Wayne his first and only Oscar?   
A9) True Grit.
Q10) How were Tim, Graeme and Bill better known?   
A10) The Goodies.ROUND
Q11) Which knight’s first UK chart hit was called Your Song?   A11) Elton John.
Q12) Whose early UK chart hits include Space Oddity and The Laughing Gnome?   
A12) David Bowie.
Q13) “Waterloo,” was the first hit for which band?   (Bonus point for telling us which country they were from.)   
A13) Abba.
Q14) Which 60’s singer had a hit with The Pet Shop Boys: Sandy Shaw, Marianne Faithful or Dusty Springfield?   
A14) Dusty Springfield.
Q15) Debbie Harry fronted which band during the 70s and 80s?   
A15) Blondie.
Q16) What song has been recorded by Frank Sinatra, Sid Vicious and Eartha Kitt?   
A16) My Way.   (And arguably, Frank, Sid and Eartha are the only three people who did My Way, their way … )
Q17) Mike D’Abo and Paul Jones have both sung for which 60s group?   
A17) Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.   (ACCEPT Manfred Mann.)
Q18) Which 80’s band had hits with Tom Jones, Duane Eddy and Max Headroom?   
A18) The Art of Noise.
Q19) Aphrodite’s Child featured which Greek heartthrob as a singer?   
A19) Demis Roussos.
Q20) Thin Lizzy came from which country?   
A20) Ireland.

Q21) In the early 90’s, whose hat and cane sold for £55,000?
A21) Charlie Chaplin’s
Q22) Which blonde starred as Lorelei Lee, in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?   (Bonus point for telling us their real name.)
A22) Marilyn Monroe.   (Norma Jean Baker.)
Q23) Which Vivienne was once Mrs Laurence Olivier?
A23) Vivienne Leigh.
Q24) Which Dracula actor was born Bela Blasko?
A24) Bela Lugosi.
Q25) Jodie Foster once made a gangster film, as a child.   What was it called?
A25) Bugsy Malone.
Q26) And who did she star opposite, in Silence of The Lambs?
A26) Anthony Hopkins.
Q27) Which actor directed and starred in Unforgiven?
A27) Clint Eastwood.
Q28) Which British film was described as being 5 good reasons to stay single?
A28) Four Weddings and a Funeral.
Q29) Which musical was  Susan Sarandon’s first film?
A29) The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Q30) In which film did Robin Williams dress up as a Scottish housekeeper?
A30) Mrs Doubtfire.

Q31) Ian Botham first played cricket for which county?
A31) Somerset.
Q32) Eddie  Merckx was a record breaker in which sport?
A32) Cycling.
Q33) In 1977, which golfer became the youngest ever player to win the Ryder Cup?
A33) Nick Faldo.
Q34) Which footballer set a new transfer record, when bought and sold by Blackburn?
A34) Alan Shearer.
Q35) During the 90’s, who became Wimbledon’s youngest ever Senior’s Champ?
A35) Martina Hingis.
Q36) In which sport is Mark Spitz a record breaker?
A36) Swimming.
Q37) In which event did Fatima Whitbread set a 1986 record?
A37) Javelin.
Q38) In 1996, who became England’s youngest ever football boss?
A38) Glenn Hoddle.
Q39) In 1995, who had the highest earnings for Mens tennis?
A39) Pete Sampras.
Q40) Who won the first World Pro Snooker Championship, Joe Davies, Fred Davies or Steve Davies?
A40) Joe Davies.

Q41) Who created the first commercially available form of Absinthe?
A41) Henri–Louie Pernod.   (Accept Pernod.)
Q42) Which type of wine is drunk at room temperature, red, white or rosé?
A42) Red.
Q43) What type of drink, is Bristol Cream?
A43) Sherry.
Q44) How many gallons are in a firkin?
A44) 9.
Q45) What kind of dish is a chowder: casserole, soup or stew?
A45) A soup.
Q46) What colour is the flesh of an avocado?
A46) Green.
Q47) What kind of egg is covered in sausage meat?
A47) A scotch egg.
Q48) What kind of drink would you make in a cafetiere: tea, coffee or cocoa?
A48) Coffee.
Q49) If you were eating al fresco, would you be indoors or outdoors?
A49) Outdoors.
Q50) What type of pasta has a junction near Birmingham named after it?
A50) Spaghetti.   (Spaghetti junction.)

Q51) How much money does the slang phrase, a monkey, refer to?
A51) £500.
Q52) Britain abolished the death sentence — for most crimes — in which year of the 1960s?
A52) 1964.
Q53) Next 2 the Bible, which playwright is Britain’s best selling writer?
A53) William Shakespeare.
Q54) What is the name for a speech, or scene, with only one actor?
A54) A monologue.
Q55) Who was the wife of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha?
A55) Queen Victoria.
Q56) What is usually kept in a band box?
A56) A hat.
Q57) Musically, how many lines are there in a stave?
A57) 5.
Q58) Matt Frewer played which stuttering talking head, during the 80s?
A58) Max Headroom.
Q59) Whose hits include Victims and Church of The Poison Mind?
A59) Culture Club.
Q60) Which on the run train robber was featured in The Great Rock and Roll Swindle?
A60) Ronnie Biggs.
Enjoy those, everyone.

There’ll be more next Friday … !

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