Thursday, 26 April 2012

Event Horizon: Terror In Deep Space

 I’ll admit it!
 I’m a film fan.

And, while I’ve not recently had company for a film or two, I’ll also admit that, sometimes, that mean’s digging up a film I’ve not seen in years.

Purely because no-one’s around to complain, or suggest an alternative.

To be frank … ?

That was the case, tonight.

Nobody else around … 

So I managed to dig up a film that’s something of an old favourite: the 1997 piece that is Event Horizon … 


Set some 35 years in the future, Event Horizon sees the crew of the Lewis & Clarke — lead by Captain Miller, played by Laurence Fishburne — ordered into the area of Neptune, to investigate a mysterious transmission.

A transmission from the hitherto lost eponymous ship, the Event Horizon: a ship that — according to it’s designer, Dr Weir (Sam Neill) — had been designed with a revolutionary new type of engine, designed to go faster than light.

A ship that had also mysteriously disappeared, after heading off on it’s first mission, some seven years earlier, and that’s now — inexplicably — reappeared.

And, instead of it’s crew … ?

Just one corpse: which looks like it’s been to hell and back …


Now … ?

Did I enjoy Event Horizon … ?

Lord, yes: and, although it’s arguably starting to creak, I’m thinking it’s aged rather well: especially the design work.   Both ships look beautiful, and the interior sets for the Event Horizon, themselves, look like the industrial nightmare of an Art Deco designer.

Granted, it may not age as well as the utter classic that is 2001: A Space Odyssey, I’m thinking: but I feel it is going to rival Silent Running.   And certainly out-last the dreadful Apollo 18.

Go get, folks: and enjoy.

Event Horizon

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