Saturday, 7 April 2012

BBC News - Half a million Mac computers 'infected with malware'

Hmm … 

That’s a little embarrassing … !

I’ve got to admit, USUALLY, I’m always fairly smug about the fact there’s not much in the way of malware doing the rounds that’ll affect OS X.

In point of fact, I think the last one was the Flashback trojan, back in September of last, that disguised itself as a version of the Flashplayer software from Adobe,

However, in recent weeks … ?

A variation on the theme, that took advantage of cross-platform programming language, Java, has recently been doing the rounds.

Apple have, of course, issued a patch for their implementation of the language.

But … ?

Well, I’d hit the Software Update button, if that update hasn’t shown up, already.

And to be on the safe side … ?

You can also download it from here, here and the Snow Leopard one from here … 

If you’ve not managed to do that, as yet?   You can try this as an alternative … 

Oh … And you can find out more, here … 

Now, to quote Hill Street Blues … ?

“Be careful out there … ”

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