Friday, 20 April 2012

The Friday Question Set — 20-4-12

You know, there’s a couple of things crossing my mind at the moment.

Firstly … ?

The BBC’s News 24 channel has just announced that the newly introduced 5p and 10p coins can possibly trigger a nickel allergy.

Which just seems a daft piece of news for an experience pair of anchor-people to be reporting on, but there you go.

And secondly … ?

I am officially STARVING … !

I’ve got to have some blood-tests, this afternoon, and of course, I can’t actually eat anything until afterwards.

I definitely like my food: possibly a bit too much, frankly.

So I’m really not having a good day … !

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, let’s get to the point, shall we, and post up today’s Friday Question set.

Here’s that set, along with the usual Creative Commons License.
Online 148
Round 1  General Knowledge.

Q1) What is sold at reduced prices, during a ‘Happy Hour?’  
A1) Drinks.  (Accept beer)
Q2) What are the two main ingredients of a ‘Ploughman’s Lunch?’  
A2) Bread & cheese.
Q3) When Martina Navratilova won her last Wimbledon title, what was her nationality?  
A3) American.  Accept US.
Q4) Betty Boothroyd was the first woman what?  
A4) Speaker of the House of Commons.
Q5) Which paid for UK daily paper has the shortest name?
A5) i.
Q6) Dame Barbara Cartland wrote what kind of literature?
A6) Romantic.
Q7) What do Henry Cooper, Keith Chegwin and Carol Thatcher have in common?  
A7) They’re all twins.
Q8) What kind of animal is a dik-dik, an antelope, or an anteater?  
A8) An antelope.
Q9) What instrument does the leader of an orchestra play?  
A9) Violin.
Q10) What is Nick Faldo’s middle name?  
A10) Alexander.

Round 2  Lost in Music.
Q11) Which former Spice Girl advertised Milky Bars, as a child?  
A11) Emma Bunton.  Accept Emma B or Baby Spice.
Q12) Which Tina sung the theme to Whistle Down the Wind?  
A12) Tina Arena.
Q13) What is PJ Harvey’s first name?  
A13) Polly.
Q14) Janet and LaToyah are from which musical family?  
A14) The Jacksons.
Q15) Name Catatonia’s lead singer.  
A15) Cerys Matthews.  Accept Cerys.
Q16) Which 60’s girl singers first hit was written by the Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithful or Sandy Shaw?  
A16) Marianne Faithful.
Q17) Debbie Harry was the lead singer of which band?  
A17) Blondie.
Q18) Who married Bobby Brown in 1992?  
A18) Whitney Houston.
Q19) Who did Diana Ross play, in Lady Sings The Blues?  
A19) Billie Holliday.
Q20) Who did Diana Ross sing with, on Endless Love, Lionel Ritchie or Guy Ritchie?  
A20) Lionel Richie.

Round 3  Hobbies & Leisure.
Q21) TSR Ltd are famous from producing which game?  
A21) Dungeons & Dragons.
Q22) What would you be doing, if you were doing Callisthenics?  
A22) Keeping fit.  (Accept Keep Fit.)
Q23) If you were watching a PGA Tour, what sport would you be watching?  
A23) Golf.
Q24) Which board game has a Genus edition?  
A24) Trivial Pursuit.
Q25) What kind of toy was Hornby famed for?  
A25) Model train sets.  (Accept trains, or train sets.)
Q26) What type of toy was found in a cabbage patch?  
A26) Doll.  (DO NOT accept Cabbage Patch Kids.)
Q27) How many balls are used in a game of pool?  
A27) 16.  (15 object balls, plus the cue ball.)
Q28) How many members are there in a water polo team?  
A28) 7.
Q29) What is the national board-game of Japan?  
A29) Go.
Q30) Which video-games company produced Sonic The Hedgehog?  
A30) Sega.

Round 4 On the Box.
Q31) Who is Paul O’Grady’s foul-mouthed alter ego?
A31) Lily Savage.
Q32) Which Carol was the first presenter of ‘Changing Rooms?’
A32) Carol Smillie.
Q33) Paul Martin is the real name of which ‘Have I got News For You’ star?
A33) Paul Merton.
Q34) Laurence Llewellen Bowen is a TV expert on what?
A34) Home decorating.  (Accept interior design.)
Q35) Out of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, who was taller?
A35) Peter Cook.
Q36) Which Zoe succeeded Gaby Roslin, on The Big Breakfast?
A36) Zoe Ball.
Q37) Who presented The Full Wax?
A37) Ruby Wax.
Q38) In the first series of Men Behaving Badly, what was Harry Enfield’s character called?
A38) Dermot.
Q39) What sitcom was the most popular, during the 80’s?
A39) Only Fools & Horse’s.
Q40) Who wrote the first series of Blackadder?
A40) Rowen Atkinson and Richard Curtis.

Round 5 On The Ball.
Q41) Which Steve scored Leicester’s 1997 League Cup Final winner?
A41) Steve Claridge.
Q42) Who followed Ossie Ardiles as manager of Spurs?
A42) Gerry Francis.
Q43) Roberto Baggio was once nicknamed what?
A43) The Divine Ponytail.
Q44) Which English club was the first to introduce an artificial pitch?
A44) Queen’s Park Rangers.  (Accept QPR.)
Q45) Which former Man U star has also played for Fulham, and Hibernian?
A45) George Best.
Q46) Tony Parkes was caretaker manager of which club?
A46) Blackburn.
Q47) Vinnie Jones played football for which country?
A47) Wales.
Q48) How many French clubs did Eric Cantona play for, before joining Leeds?
A48) 5.
Q49) During Cantona’s notorious ‘Kung Fu’ game, against Crystal Palace, who scored for Man U?
A49) David May.
Q50) What was the last English club George Best played for?
A50) Bournemouth.

Round 6.   General Ignorance.
Q51) Which Italian dictator was the founder of Fascism?
A51) Benito Mussolini.
Q52) In which month is Epiphany?
A52) January.
Q53) Frigophobia is a fear of what?
A53) Being cold.
Q54) During the 80’s, which band had a hit with Eternal Flame?
A54) The Bangles.
Q55) Leslie Charteris created which 60’s TV spy?
A55) The Saint.
Q56) What is Britain’s most popular participation sport?
A56) Fishing.
Q57) In which year of the 50’s was the first Eurovision Song Contest held?
A57) 1956.
Q58) How many yards in a chain?
A58) 22.
Q59) Beta is the second letter of which alphabet?
A59) Greek.
Q60) What is the name of Del Trotter’s local?
A60) The Nags Head.
Enjoy that lot, folks: Let me know if they’re handy … !

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