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The Friday Question Set — 6-4-2012

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Moving rapidly on, I give today’s 60 Question Set: published, as ever, under the Creative Commons Licence 2.0*.
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Q1) A Saudi Arabian woman can apply for a divorce if her husband refuses to make her a what: tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
A1) Coffee.
Q2) The word camber refers to the curve on the surface of what: a road, a plate or a pavement?
A2) A road.
Q3) Other than English, what European language do the Amish speak?
A3) German.
Q4) How many people usually play a game of Chess?
A4) Two.
Q5) Who starred as The Fugitive on the big screen?
A5) Harrison Ford.
Q6) Which language was spoken by the ancient Romans?
A6) Latin.
Q7) The name of which fish is also the name of a star, in heraldry and the name of a haircut?
A7) The Mullet.
Q8) The toy originally called the Pluto Platter is now called what?
A8) The Frisbee.
Q9) Which river flows through the city of New Orleans?
A9) The Mississippi.
Q10) David Scarboro played which character, in EastEnders?
A10) Mark Fowler.  (He played the part, before Todd Carty joined the cast.)

Q11) Name either of the Moors Murders.   (Two points for both.)
A11) Ian Brady, and Myra Hindley.
Q12) The killers of which 13-year-old were released in 1997, 18 years after their conviction?
A12) Carl Bridgewater.
Q13) Who was arrested on the 5th of January, 1981, on suspicion of murdering 13 women?
A13) Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper.
Q14) Which serial killer was arrested after the death of 81-year-old, Mrs Angela Grundy?
A14) Harold Shipman.
Q15) HMP Manchester is the modern name of which notoriously riotous prison?
A15) HMP Strangeways.
Q16) Before leaving office, in 2003, George Ryan, the Governor of Illinois, made what rather merciful gesture?
A16) Reprieved all the inmates on Illinois’ Death Row.
Q17) Who was found hung in his cell, on New Year’s Day, 1995?
A17) Fred West.
Q18) Which hospital for the Criminally  Insane opened in Berkshire, in 1863?
A18) Broadmoor.
Q19) Which American serial killer admitted to necrophilia, cannibalism and 15 counts of murder in 1992?
A19) Jeffrey Dahmer.
Q20) True or false: TV actor & comedian, Stephen Fry, was imprisoned for credit card fraud, whilst at school.
A20) True, he got three months.

Q21) What name is given to the protective trousers worn by cowboys in the American west?
A21) Chaps.
Q22) What type of garment is a glengarry?
A22) A hat.
Q23) What name was given to the sleeveless woollen tops, fashionable in the 1970’s?
A23) Tank tops.
Q24) Where would a man wear dundrearies?
A24) On his face.   (They’re long side whiskers)
Q25) By what name is the Scottish filibeg known?
A25) Kilt.
Q26) What is a mantilla?
A26) A light scarf.
Q27) What colour cap do the goalkeeper’s in water-polo wear?
A27) Red.
Q28) In greyhound race what colour jerkin does the dog in trap two wear?
A28) Blue.
Q29) What is a wide-awake?
A29) A hat.
Q30) What Native American language does the word ‘anorak’ originate in?
A30) Inuit.

Q31) During the 90s, which Canadian singer had a hit with Think Twice?
A31) Celine Dion.
Q32) At which US sports event did Janet Jackson famously suffer a wardrobe malfunction?
A32) The Superbowl.
Q33) Which of the Bee Gee’s died in 2003?
A33) Maurice Gibb.
Q34) Who had a brand new piece of agricultural equipment in 1976?
A34) The Wurzels.   (I Got A Brand New Combine Harvester)
Q35) Which band want you to stand further away, in 1980?
A35) The Police.   (Don’t Stand So Close To Me)
Q36) Which Northern Irish band had a hit with My Perfect Cousin, in 1980?
A36) The Undertones.
Q37) Which girl band had hits with Really Saying Something, Shy Boy and Robert De Niro Waiting?
A37) Bananarama.
Q38) Who released the album Blondes Have More Fun?
A38) Rod Stewart.
Q39) What part of the UK are pop group Franz Ferdinand from?
A39) Scotland.
Q40) The Verve entered the charts at number 2, in 1997 … with which hit?
A40) Bittersweet Symphony.

Q41) According to a 2010 poll, what’s Britain’s favourite flavour crisps?
A41) Ready Salted.
Q42) What food gives Popeye his strength?
A42) Spinach.
Q43) In 1992, it became illegal to import which sweet into Singapore, because of the mess it made?
A43) Chewing gum.
Q44) What invention was introduced, in 1795, to help feed the French army on campaign?
A44) Tinned  food.   (Accept the tin can.)
Q45) True or False: The Birdseye food company was founded by Clarence Birdseye
A45) True.
Q46) According to the Bible, what food from heaven stop the Israeli’s starving in the desert?
A46) Manna.
Q47) True or False: WW2 food rationing in Britain ended in 1956.
A47) False: it actually ended in 1954.
Q48) After which Australian Opera singer was the Peach Melba named?
A48) Dame Nellie Melba.
Q49) Who painted The Potato Eaters?
A49) Vincent Van Gogh.
Q50) Which nation eats more ice-cream than any other?
A50) Australia.

Q51) In most forms of colour blindness, two colours are usually confused: name one of them.   (Two points for both.)
A51) Red and Green.
Q52) Which Abba LP was Number 1, in 1999, seven years after its original release?
A52) ‘Abba Gold.’
Q53) Which entrepreneur owns the Ritz, in Paris?
A53) Mohammed Al-Fayed.
Q54) Which stately home and safari park are owned by the Marquis of Bath?
A54) Longleat.
Q55) Former Tory MP, the late Alan Clarke one famously said “Only domestic servants … ” what: apologise, bow or do the hoovering?
A55) Apologise
Q56) What kind of farm animal can be Texel, or Romney Marsh?
A56) Sheep.
Q57) The Bee Gees were born on which island?
A57) The isle of Mann.
Q58) Theatre impresario Bill Kenwright is connected with which football club?
A58) Everton.
 Q59) What was Jemima Khan’s maiden name?
A59) Jemima Goldsmith.
Q60) How many popes were there, in 1978?   (Bonus point for naming one of them.)
A60) Three.   Paul the 6th, John Paul 1st and John Paul 2nd.

Enjoy those, everyone: I hope they help … !

*        Just in case you’re new to my blog … ?   I’ve run pub quizzes in the past: and always found trying to get decent, low cost, quiz questions online tricky: which is why I publish the question sets every Friday.   The only payment I want is the terms of the version of the Creative Commons License I use.   All it basically means is:

  1. You give me an authors credit: something along the lines of Question By Paul Downie, of Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar, somewhere on the posters or flyers is fine, even if you don’t what to announce it at the start of the quiz

  2. If you republish the questions anywhere else, you release them under the same license.

Just so you know … ?   The version of the license I use means you can copy the questions, built derivative works and make commercial use of the questions.   All I ask is the authors credit: it’s only fair …

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