Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Daily Teaser — 30-5-2012

You know … we didn’t see a drop of rain, yesterday … 

We REALLY didn’t.

That’s despite the fact it felt — all day — as if it were JUST about to.

Actually … ?

It felt much like this morning: like the thunderstorm’s going to hit, any minute now.

I’m kind of glad it didn’t, though.   I was being interviewed for a job, in Basildon, yesterday.

The fact it was too hot to wear a coat meant I’d’ve ruined the outfit I was wearing.
And frankly … ?

It was so hot, I had to shove everything in the wash, the minute I git in!

Weather, hey … ?

Let’s move on, shall we … ?


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi putting her answers: along with being flattered, getting compared with John Lydon, AND admitting she’s out there, RIGHT on the edge*, ALSO bagging 6  out of 6.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video … 

Q1) 30th May, 1631, saw the publication of France’s first newspaper: what was it called … ?
Q2) 30th May, 1859, saw the first chimes of Big Ben ring out in London.   What’s the name of the clock tower Big Ben is in … ?
Q3) 30th May, 1981, saw the assassination of Zia Rahman: which country was he the president of … ?
Q4) 30th May, 1431, saw Joan of Arc burnt at the stake: during which war was she active … ?
Q5) More to the point, for how many years did this war last.
Q6) And finally … 30th May, 1913, saw the end of the First Balkan War: which country became independent, after the relevant treaty was signed … ?
And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 29th May, 1660, saw who ascend the throne of Great Britain … ?
A1) Charles 2nd.
Q2) 253 years later, 29th May, 1913, saw whose ballet provoke a riot on it’s debut in Paris … ?
A2) Igor Stravinsky’s.
Q3) More to the point, what was the name of the ballet … ?
A3) The Rite Of Spring.
Q4) 29th May, 1953, saw Hillary and Tenzing reach the summit of  Mount Everest: which country are Tenzing Norgay’s people native to … ?
A4) Nepal.
Q5) 29th May, 1999, saw Olusegun Obasanjo become his country’s first civilian president for 16 years: what is that country … ?
A5) Nigeria.
Q6) And finally … 29th May, 1999, saw the Space Shuttle Discovery  dock with what … ?
A6) The International Space Station.
Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll leave you with a tune, shall I … ?

Happy Birthday, Cee Lo … !

*        Nothing wrong with that, Debbi … !   Those of us standing behind you can only applaud, offer support … and be inspired … !

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Debbi said...

Thank you, Paul! :) I hope you enjoy the post I wrote today. I mentioned a certain author we both like. :)

BTW, you look snappy in your interview duds. Hope you pass the audition. :)

1. La Gazette
2. the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster
3. Bangladesh
4. The Hundred Years War
5. 116 years
6. Albania