Friday, 25 May 2012

The Friday Question Set — 25-5-2012

You know, I’ve got to be honest, I’ve an interview on Tuesdays: in Basildon, would you believe.

It probably explains why — even given the nice weather — the back of my neck’s freezing!

Benefits of the first haircut in a decade, I suppose … 

At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate … … 

Actually, what was I going to say … ?

I think the lose of hair ALSO mean’s I’ve started losing chunks of short term memory!


Oh, yes!

I know what I was going to do … !

I was going to post up … THE FRIDAY QUESTION SET … !

Here’s today’s questions: covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License, and accompanied by the ‘How To’, just in case you want to highlight something.

Online 153
Q1) What’s the nearest river Balmoral Castle, the Dee, the Tweed or the Clyde?
A1) The Dee
Q2) Which country & western singer appeared in Gunfight?
Q2) Johnny Cash.
Q3) Which US probe was sent to Mars, in 1997?
A3) The Pathfinder.
Q4) In which London Park would you ride along Rotten Row?
A4) Hyde Park.
Q5) Which Swiss resort hosts the Golden Rose TV awards?
A5) Montreaux.
Q6) Who was the first non-Englishman to play James Bond?
A6) Sean Connery.
Q7) Which was the first British airport to have its own railway station?
A7) Gatwick.
Q8) In 2005, what type of Russian vessel was trapped off the Kamchatka peninsular?
A8) A submarine.
Q9) How many wives are you allowed, under Islamic Laws?
A9) Four.
Q10) Who had a 1950’s hit with Who’s Sorry Now?
A10) Connie Francis.

Q11) True or False: Benny Hill worked as a milkman, before finding fame as a comedian.
A11) True.

Q12) Dr Matthew Hall is better known as which wide–collared contemporary comedian?
A12) Harry Hill
Q13) In Some Mothers Do Have ’Em, what was the name of Michael Crawford’s character?
A13) Frank Spencer.
Q14) In which Australian city did Tony Hancock die, in 1968?
A14) Sydney.
Q15) Which comedian published Gridlock, Popcorn’ and Stark?   (Bonus point for naming the Channel 4 show he famously hosted.)
A15) Ben Elton.   (Saturday Night Live/Friday Night Live/Friday Night)
Q16) To whom was Dawn French married?
A16) Lenny Henry.
Q17) Which Little Britain catchphrase was voted ‘Best Catchphrase’, in a 2005 poll?
A17) ‘I’m the only gay in the village’
Q18) Which controversial Channel Four sit-com is set in the inner city Chatsworth estate?
A18) Shameless.
Q19) Alan Partridge, and Pauline Calf were creations of which comedian?
A19) Steve Coogan.
Q20) From which popular radio comedy did the phrase ‘Left hand down a bit’ come?
A20) The Navy Lark.


Q21) Which team is known as the Magpies?
A21) Newcastle.
Q22) Which Patrick was the skipper of Arsenal when they spent an unbeaten season in the Premiership?
A22) Patrick Vieira.
Q23) Two colours feature in Blackburn’s home strip: name either.   (Two points for both,)
A23) Blue and white.
Q24) Which Gerald was the first Frenchman to manage Liverpool?
A24) Gerald Houllier.
Q25) In which country was the 1994 World Cup held?
A25) The USA.
Q26) Which University town has teams called City and Rovers?
A26) Bristol.
Q27) What position did Peter Shilton play?
A27) Goalkeeper.
Q28) At which club did Shearer and Owen play together?
A28) Newcastle.
Q29) What surname is shared by players, Ashley, and Joe?
A29) Cole.
Q30) What seaside club is linked to the playing career of Jimmy Armfield?
A30) Blackpool.

Q31) Which Triangle did Barry Manilow sing about, in 1981?
A31) The Bermuda Triangle.
Q32) Which well preserved group had a number hit with Going Underground?
A32) The Jam.
Q33) Who did Dexy’s Midnight Runners tell to Come On?   (Bonus point for giving the full title of the song.)
A33) Eileen.   (Come On, Eileen.)
Q34) Which band had hits with Love On Your Side and We Are Detective?
A34) The Thompson Twins.
Q35) Which British band were the Eurovision winners in 1981?
A35) Bucks Fizz.
Q36) Andrew Ridgeley and George Michæl were in which band? 
A36) Wham!
Q37) Who exactly was Like A Virgin?
A37) Madonna.   (Like we’re stupid.)
Q38) Which Irish singer had a hit with Lady In Red?
A38) Chris de Burgh.
Q39) Spandau Ballet took their name, in part, from a notorious prison in which European country?
A39) Germany.
Q40) Which law enforcers sent a Message In A Bottle?
A40) The Police.

Q41) Claret is produced in the region surrounding which French city?
A41) Bordeaux.
Q42) What term is used to describe a dry champagne: brut or demi-sec?
A42) Brut.
Q43) In which wine growing country is the Barossa valley?
A43) Australia.
Q44) Which white wine grape is the most frequently planted in California?
A44) Chardonney.
Q45) In which Antipodean country is the Marlborough wine growing region?
A45) New Zealand.
Q46) Retsina is native to which European country?
A46) Greece.
Q47) Which fortified wine has Malmsey, & Sercial varieties; – Port, Madeira, or Sherry?
A47) Madeira.
Q48) What’s the normal size of a bottle of wine?   (Centilitres or millilitres, for preference.)
A48) 75 Centilitres.   (750 millilitres.)
Q49) In which European country is Rioja made?
A49) Spain.
Q50) Along which river is most of French Sauvignon Blanc made: the Seine, the Loire or the Rhône?
A50) The Loire.

Q51) If it’s 12 noon GMT, what time is it in Oslo?
A51) 1 pm
Q52) In which century was religious reformer, John Calvin born: the 16th, 17th or 18th?
A52) The 16th.
Q53) In February of 2006, Marks & Spenser started selling a red version of which fruit?
A53) Bananas.
Q54) Who wrote the novel, Anna Karenina?
A54) Leo Tolstoy.
Q55) Which bridge joins a palace and a prison, in Venice?
A55) The Bridge of Sighs.
Q56) What word can follow ‘band’, ‘mass’, & ‘pass’?
A56) ‘Age.’  (Bandage, massage, passage.)
Q57) Which came first: the Battle ofAgincourt, or the Battle of Bosworth Field?
A57) Agincourt.
Q58) What’s the nest prime number above 53?
A58) 59.
Q59) In which America state are the Everglades?
A59) Florida.
Q60) Who took over Leeds FC, in January of 2005?
A60) Ken Bates.

Enjoy those, folks: I hope they help … !

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