Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Precise Pangolin: the Latest Ubuntu Release

You know, it’s not THAT often I get to post, these day, about technology.

It really isn’t.

But right at the moment I’m thinking my eyeballs are — frankly — just about to pop out of my head.

But … 

Phew … !

Remember, this morning, I mentioned I was updating the operating system on my mother’s old desktop … ?

Well, I’ve finally managed to get it finished.

Or, get the actual install finished.

I’m now in the process of just doing the fiddly stuff: transferring over things like bookmarks, photos and files.

Which is — if not boring — then certainly time consuming!


But just so you know … ?

I had originally gone with Kubuntu 12•04 Precise Pangolin, the most recent release of the Ubuntu variant: but found setting up extra user accounts just a touch too technical for my tastes.

So, me being me, and occasionally having a thing about brown … ?

I’ve decided to use Ubuntu 12•04 Precise Pangolin: mostly because the OS is the most user friendly of the bunch, and it’s one my family are familiar with.

Funnily … ?

I’ve also got a feeling it’s one I’m more comfortable with: as, since the 11•10 Oneiric Ocelot release, late last year, /the mainstream Ubuntu release seems to have gotten rather … familiar … lookingª.

Especially to someone, like me, who’s been using versions of Mac OS and Mac OS X for some years*.

I’ll be frank while I’m at it: if I may … ? 
I’ve got to be honest, this is actually the first fresh install — of anything — that I’ve done for a while.

Personally … ?

Personally, I’ve enjoyed it.

The ONE shame of it — and the one thing I’m very aware stops more people taking up the Ubuntu family of operating systems — is the simple fact that there’s no version of iTunes available for them.

Something I know has stopped Kevin from using using it.

And something I think is caused equally by both Apple — who do like to keep strict control on their products — AND Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, who seem just as keen to make sure everything on Ubuntu meets both their and the Free Software Foundations, standards.

Oh, well … 

Here’s hoping the day comes sooner, rather than later … !

*        And, yes, before you ask, I’d LOVE to be running Mac OS X 10•7•x, Lion on Bruce: but I seriously doubt he’d be able to take the pace … !

ª        I’ve actually had to stop myself using trackpad gestures setting up my account on Mum’s machine: typically for me, I’ve set the mouse up to be used left handedly.   There’s one or two other things.   The Workspaces feature in 12•04 feels reminiscent — to me — of Exposéº, and their Dashboard — down the side — is equally reminiscent of the OS X Dock, and Mac OS Launcher.   I also found the System Settings menu VERY helpful … And oddly familiar … !

º        On my older wired Apple mouse, I had the squeezy side buttons set to trigger this handy feature.   I was instinctively doing that with Pangolin … … 

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