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The Friday Question Set — 4-5-2012

Right then … 

After all the excitement of the local elections … ?

Comes something of a charity appeal.   One that an old friend of mine’s organising, bless.

Seems that Carly the Poet — who I think mentioned a while back — is trying to help a friend of hers called, who’s suffering with a rare form of cancer called Acostic Neuroma.   Quite how serious it is, I’m not too sure: but hopefully Carly and her friend Michelle — and hopefully Marc himself, who’s suffering with the disease — will be able to leave us a comment or two, to explain a little more.

And, while I’ve not been able to donate any money, I have suggested to Carly she should see if her brother — who runs a pub in North London — would be willing to run a charity pub quiz to raise funds for it.

As I recall, the first quiz I actually ran, in a local pub called The Hutton* was exactly that: a charity gig, raising money for a Breast Cancer drive by the local branch of Cancer Research.

The spiel I used to get people interested got huge amounts of laughter, and players: it’s not that often someone comes up to you and says “How do you feel about tits … ?

At ANY rate — just so you, Carly, and any other interested parties know — I charged a pound per team member: with half going to the winning team, and the other half going to the charity.

Writing questions for that first quiz wasn’t easy, by the way: this WAS about six or seven years ago, there were’t quite the resources.

So you can imagine what I told Carly, can’t you … ?

Exactly what I tell any one else who’s after quiz questions: click on the Friday Question Set or 60-question set tag at the bottom of this webpage, and copy and paste on of the quizzes I tagged with the phrase.

So long as I get an authors credit — and, if you republish the questions, you republish under the same license — we’re even.

Actually … ?

Now I come to mention it, here’s this weeks Friday Question set: published, as ever, under the Creative Commons License
Q1) What was the first ever credit card introduced to the UK: Diners Club, American Express or Barclaycard?   A1) Barclaycard, in 1966.   (American Express and Diners Club are both charge cards: in other words, you’re paying the bill differently.)
Q2) From which plant is the poison, Digitalis derived?   A2) Foxglove.
Q3) Allen Stuart Konigsberg is better known as which director, and comedian?   A3) Woody Allen.
Q4) What was the 1st country in the world to have a TV service?   A4) Great Britain.Q5) True or False.  Peladophobia is a genuine phobia.   A5) True.  (It’s a fear of bald people.)
Q6) Which London landmark was seen at the start of ITV’s News At Ten?   A6) Big Ben.
Q7) Prince Michael Of Moldavia was a character in which American soap; Dynasty, Dallas, or Knots Landing?   A7) Dynasty.
Q8) Which city is closer to the sea, London or New York?   A8) New York.
Q9) Which artist predicted that everybody would be famous for 15 minutes?   A9) Andy Warhol.
Q10) Who was the outgoing president, when George Bush Senior, took office?   A10) Ronald Reagan.

Q11) Jack the Ripper operated in which city?   A11) London.
Q12) How many women did he kill?   A12) 5.
Q13) What is the name of the Japanese equivalent of the Mafia?   A13) The Yakuza.
Q14) For what crime was Al Capone eventually arrested?   A14) Tax Evasion.
Q15) What American island prison closed in 1963?   A15) Alcatraz.
Q16) Which of the Kray brothers was the first to die: Charlie, Ronnie or Reggie?   A16) Ronnie.
Q17) Andre Chikatilo was the first known Soviet example of what?   A17) Serial killer.
Q18) Who did James Earl Ray assassinate during the 60s: Martin Luther King or Robert Kennedy?   A18) The Reverend Martin Luther King.
Q19) Auburn Prison, in New York, held the first execution by what, hanging,  electrocution or lethal injection?   A19) Death by Electrocution
.Q20) During the 17th century, what did Colonel Thomas Blood try to steal?   A20) The Crown Jewels.

Q21) Which Australasian capital shares its name with a duke and a boot?   A21) Wellington, New Zealand.
Q22) One of the rivers flowing through Germany, is the dirtiest in Europe.  Which is it, the Rhine the Danube, or the Elbe?   A22) The Rhine.
Q23) Where would you be, if you were in Nihon?   A23) Japan.
Q24) What motorway goes past Stoke On Trent?   A24) The M6.
Q25) The Home counties surround which European city?   A25) London.
Q26) According to the old rhyme Long legged Italy kicked what into the Mediterranean?   A26) Sicily.
Q27) Which republic lies to the northwest of the UK?   A27) Iceland.
Q28) In which city is the world’s largest church?   A28) Rome.
Q29) Whose official residence is the Élysée Palace?   A29) The President of France.
Q30) Malta is the island HQ of the Knights of who?   A30) The Knights of Saint John.

Q31) Naomi MacLean Daley is the real name of which British singer?   A31) Ms Dynamitey
Q32) Which David has charted with both Mick Jagger AND Bing Crosby?   A32) David Bowie.
Q33) The Show, Wasted and Biology, have been hits for which Popstars?   A33) Girls Aloud.
Q34) Which US rapper had a hit with Get Ur Freak On?   A34) Missy (Demeanor) Elliot
Q35) Eminem sampled which Dido song, for his hit, Stan?   A35) Thank You.
Q36) Which Australina actress did Robbie Williams duet with, on Somethin’ Stupid?   A36) Nicole Kidman.
Q37) In which decade were the charts first compiled?   A37) The 50s.
Q38) I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing was a big British hit for which rock band?   A38) Aerosmith.
Q39) Which girl band’s first UK hit was called Independent Women, (Part 1)?   A39) Destiny’s Child.
Q40) Which act was the first Dutch act to top the UK charts?   A40) Pussycat.

Q41) What Spanish pastime is known as Corrida de Toros?   A41) Bull Fighting
Q42) Which classic Sinatra song did Geoff Boycott choose, on Desert Island Discs?   A42) My Way.
Q43) Mike Tyson was suspended from boxing for biting off whose ear?   A43) Evander Holyfield’s.
Q44) Which jockey was once gaoled for tax evasion?   A44) Lester Piggott.
Q45) What would you be riding in a velodrome?   A45) A bicycle.
Q46) Exactly how does Dennis Bergkamp refuse to travel?   A46) By air.  (Accept by plane.)
Q47) Phillipides was the first man to run what kind of race?   A47) A marathon.Q48) Which sport feature a discipline called Foil?A48) Fencing.
Q49) Mike Denness was the first Scotsman to be what?   A49) Be the England Cricket captain.
Q50) What is the name of Hole 8, at Troon?   A50) The Postage Stamp.

Q51) Who co-wrote Do They Know it’s Christmas, with Bob Geldof?A51) Midge Ure.
Q52) In cooking, if something is described as being ‘Florentine,’ what has it been garnished with?   A52) Spinach.
Q53) Which major battle took place between July, and November, of 1916: the Battle of the Somme, the Batttle of the Bulge or the Battle of Culloden Field?   A53) The Battle of the Somme.   (Accept The Somme.)
Q54) Which cartoon character has a little buddy, called Boo Boo?A54) Yogi Bear.
Q55) What are the 2 colours of a standard Blue Peter badge?   A55) Blue and White.

Q56) Who dueted with Jennifer Warnes, on Up Where We Belong?   A56) Joe Cocker.
Q57) If you’re esurient, are you rich, hungry or lustful?   A57) Hungry. 
Q58) Which newspaper was originally published as the Daily Universal Register?   A58) The Times.
Q59) Which Archbishop signs himself as Ebor?   A59) The Archbishop of York.
Q60) What government department is known as the MoD?   A60) The Ministry of Defence.
Enjoy those, folks, I hope they’re useful.

Oh, and as a final thought, if you want to help with Marc’s treatment, here’s the Facebook group all about it.

Oh, and the relevant PayPal account.

Have a good day, everyone.

*        Long since renamed The Hutton Junction

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