Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fear, Flame, Firemen … And a leaking tap …

You know, I’ve STILL got to be honest, here, my anger at Brentwood Council’s Planning Committee is STILL … 

Well … 

Let’s say it’s still there, shall we … ?

And that’s not necessarily a healthy thing.   I’ve often heard members of Alcoholics Anonymous refer to them as resentments: mostly to highlight how they can cause a relapse.

Hmmm … 

At ANY rate, let’s move on, and tell you WHY I got angry, shall I … ?

I’ve just seen a fire engine go down my street.

And given my interest in this specific local affair … ?

You can bet your bum I followed it down to the end Rollason Way, to see what happened.
Someone on the third floor of one block of flats — Boardman House, I believe — had left a tap on.

Something the firemen, themselves, couldn’t deal with: they had to get the police to come down to do.

Hmmm … 


Now … 

As you can imagine, I was good and bloody angry when, only last Wednesday — 23rd May, 2012, so you know — Brentwood Council’s planning Committee voted to approve the mixed development in Saint James Road.

This, after SEVERAL complaints from Essex Fire Service about the congestion in Saint James Road, NOW, making they’re job hard.

A point I raised with the chap who seemed to be the senior fireman at the incident tonight, and that the rest of the crew were deferring to.

In his words … ?

Rollason Way is “… a bloody disaster waiting to happen”.

He went on to stress, had this been a real emergency, getting through would have cost lives.   And that, had there been more congestion … ?   A real emergency would’ve seen cars destroyed as the engine went through them to get to it.


Now … 

Hmmm … 

I’ll admit, I’m still, rightly and understandably, angry.

Angry enough to ask three specific people a question.

I’m going to ask Councillors Chilvers, Clarke and Russell of the Brentwood West ward for the names of the councillors who voted to approve those flats in Saint James Road.

I believe you can give those to me.

I also FIRMLY believe those 11 councillors should be named and shamed, publicly.

Am quite willing to so do.

As they could well have made nights like tonight, in future, a lot worse.

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