Saturday, 10 October 2015

Doctor Who Series 9: Episode 4 — Before The Flood.

Did I ever mention I’m like a lot of people, my age?

In that my choice of entertainment is … fairly typical?

I tend — like others, my age — to go for a film or a TV show: rather than, say a video game.

Which is fine, I should add, if that’s What you choose to do.

At ANY rate … ?

I like watching films and movies: to some of the alternatives.

And … ?   And I like Dr Who.

I’ve been watching it for years.

Frankly … ?   With a certain amount of enjoyment.

Especially the past few weeks … 


Tonight’s episode is no exception.

Before The Flood follows directly on from last weeks episode: and sees the Doctor travelling back in time to the site of Drum Base’s location, in 1980.

Some 150 years before the flood which claimed that part of Scotland.

But first, opens with the Doctor explaining — to us, the audience — about the bootstrap paradox.

The episode, itself … ?

Shows us the Doctor’s trip to the past to find out what caused the flood.

Only to find that the abandoned spaceship in last weeks episode is a hearse: carrying a creature called the Fisher King.

A creature determined to kill, in order to signal to its fellows that it’s alive, and on Earth.

The Doctor quickly realises one thing.

Going back further in time to prevent The creature reviving won’t work.

He’s quite simply going to have to flood the valley, in order to save both it: and Clara … 


Now, I’ve said I‘ve enjoyed the past few weeks episode?

You betcha!

I don’t think I’ve seen episode of Dr Who — let along anything else — that I‘ve felt were quite as satisfying.

Before The Flood bring this two parter to another good conclusion, whilst continuing some very good performances: and has a story I found very digestible.

What’s more?

What’s more, having the Doctor address us, the audience, to explain what’s going on is something I found very appealing: especially as it’s something I’m familiar with, from both the original and rebooted versions of House of Cards.

I don’t know if using it any further would be a good idea: although Capaldi is possibly the one actor in this show who could consistently pull the trick off.

I think that, given the shape of the season so far, we have a winner, here …

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