Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser — 7-10-2015: Lucky Seven

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Sorry, JUST had to get in touch with the Brentwood Gazette: just to make sure their push the version of this week’s quiz, live.


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At ANY rate, it’s Wednesday.

Which means, of course, that it’s time for the Brentwood Gazette’s Weekly Teaser.

Here’s this week’s set: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …
Q1) Today is the 7th October.   Is seven a prime number?
Q2) What name is given to a seven-sided, two dimensional, shape: a septagon, septuagint or heptagon?
Q3) A polyhedron is a three dimensional object.   What name is given to a seven sided polyhedron?   (One with seven faces, in other words.)
Q4) Numbers written in base 7 will have no digit higher than the number six, as there’s only seven digits used in it: going from 0 to 6.   Base seven is also known as what: quinary, senary or septenary?
Q5) More to the point, how does one represent 7 in base 7?
Q6) How is seven written: in Roman numerals?
Q7) The opening credits for TV show, The Prisoner, show us Patrick McGoohan, driving what model of car: an Austin Seven, a Lotus Seven or a BMW Series Seven?
Q8) Who, currently, is playing 007, at the movies?
Q9) Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, has seven dwarves: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful and Sneezy.   Who’s the seventh dwarf?
Q10) Finally … who, in 1992, released a song called 7?
Here’s last week’s questions and answers …
Q1) 30th September saw Jack the Ripper kill two victims in one night.   Name either.
Q2) Name any one of the Ripper’s other three victims.
Q3) What was the name of the only Ripper victim to be found indoors?
Q4) The Ripper killings took place in which district of London: Whitechapel, Aldgate or Shadwell … ?
Q5) The Ripper was ALSO referred to as ‘Leather … ’ what … ?
Q6) The Saucy Jacky postcard — believed by some to genuinely be from the Ripper — is felt to genuine because it’s postmarked with which date … ?
Q7) Which US agency did a commemorative investigation into the Ripper killers, in 1988?
Q8) Who wrote the 1943 short story, Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper: Robert Bloch, Ellery Queen or Harlan Ellison … ?
Q9) The first (supposed) letter from the killer was the notorious Dear Boss letter, and sent to what: a police station, news agency or vigilante group?
Q10) Finally … which 2001 film took its title from one the the Ripper letters.
A1) Catherine Eddowes or Elizabeth ‘Long Liz’ Stride.
A2) Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman or Mary Jane Kelly.
A3) Mary Jane Kelly.   (That latter link goes to the famous image of what was left of Mary Jane.   It’s not pleasant.)
A4) Whitechapel.
A5) Leather Apron.   (Seemingly, he was supposed to wear one, whilst ALSO wearing a deer-stalker.   He was ALSO supposed to hang around the Princess Alice, in Commercial Street, Whitechapel … )
A6) 1st October, 1888.
A7) The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI.
A8) Robert Bloch.
A9) News agency.   (Famously, this was the first letter to be signed ‘Jack The Ripper’)
A10) From Hell.
Enjoy those … 

*        All that means is that you’re free to copy, use, alter and build on each of my quizzes: including the Teasers, Gazette Teasers and the Friday Question Sets.   All I ask in return is that you give me an original authors credit on your event’s flyers or posters, or on the night: and, if you republish them, give me an original authors credit AND republish under the same license.   A link back to the site — and to the Gazette’s, if that’s where you’ve found these — would be appreciated: as would pressing my donate button, here.   Every penny is gratefully received.

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Debbi said...

Normally, I don't do these, but given your invite ...

1. yes
2. a heptagon
3. a heptahedron
4. Septenary
5. 10
6. VII
7. a Lotus Seven
8. Daniel Craig
9. Dopey
10. Prince and The New Power Generation