Monday, 12 October 2015

The Daily Teaser — 12-10-2015: UN International Spanish Language Day

You know, I finally have a day off … !

Which is always nice.

Not that I’m actually planning to DO much.

Mostly Teaser writing, video making, looking in on a friend or two … 

And frankly?   And in all probability I’ll be listening to Just a Minute.

Just in case you don’t know, the show’s been going for a good few decades: and has a very simple idea, behind it.

Contestants have to talk on a given subject, for a minute … 

Without hesitating, repetition or deviation from the subject.

Easy, you say … ?

I doubt it … !


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: AND scoring six out of six.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video … 

Q1) 12th October is UN Spanish Language Day.   Modern Spanish has its roots in which Spanish region: Catalonia, Castile or Aragon?
Q2) Spanish is one of six official languages of which body: the UN, FIFA or FIDÉ?
Q3) Spanish is the majority language in 21 countries.   Name one of those countries … other than Spain.
Q4) Spanish is descended from a spoken variety of what: Chinese, Latin or Sanskrit?
Q5) Canarian Spanish is the version of the language spoken on which group of islands?
Q6) Spanish, itself, is an official language in Spain.   It shares that status with four regional spoken languages.   Name one of them.
Q7) In written Spanish, a sentence that’s a question has an inverted what, at the beginning?
Q8) Spanish uses 6 letters as vowels: rather than the five — a, e, i, o and u — used in English.   What’s the ‘extra’ vowel?
Q9) According to Wikipedia, the Spanish version of the Latin alphabet has one extra letter.   What IS that letter?
Q10) Finally … What’s the Spanish word for the Spanish language?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 11th November, 1962, saw the Pope convene the Second Vatican Council.   Which pope: John 23rd, Paul 6th or John Paul 1st?
A1) John 23rd.
Q2) Which Pope closed the council, three years later: John 23rd, Paul 6th or John Paul 1st?
A2) Paul 6th.
Q3) The ‘Gang of Four’ were arrested on 11th October, 1976: after attempting a coup.   In which country?
A3) China.
Q4) Australia’s oldest University was formally inaugurated: on 11th October, 1852.   The University is in which Australia city: Melbourne, Sydney or Perth?
A4) Sydney.
Q5) 11th October, 1983, saw the birth of Ruslan Ponomariov: from the Ukraine.   Which game has he found fame playing?
A5) Chess.
Q6) Finally … 11th October, 1957, saw the birth of comedian, actress and writer, Dawn French.   She played Geraldine Granger in which TV series?
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“En dos edades vivimos
los propios y los ajenos:

la de plata los estraños,

y la de cobre los nuestros.”
“We live in different ages, non-Spaniards and ourselves: they in the age of silver, we in the age of brass.”
Lope de Vega, La Dorotea, Act 1 sc.iv.
And, with apologies for not finding a Spanish version, this … 

Oh … and just because I like the thing … 

Have a good day … 

*        I’ll look forward to seeing them, Debbi … !   (Oh, enjoy Dr Who!)


Olga Nunez Miret said...

Thanks so much Paul, but I don't think I should enter. Unfair advantage. And my surname is Núñez as you know, so funny letter and all...¡Gracias! I wonder why yesterday it wouldn't let me leave a comment...

Debbi said...

Man, it was a good one! :)

1. Castile
2. the UN
3. Mexico
4. Latin
5. the Canary Islands
6. Basque
7. question mark
8. Y
9. W
10. Español