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The Friday Question Set — 30-10-2015

Bleugh … 

Talk about a bad one.

I’ve got to confess to posting this … AFTER I’ve gotten home from work.

So I’m somewhat knackered.   And frustrated: at not being able to close off my till, properly.

Would you believe it?

The damn computer that runs the till I was operating?


Frankly … ?

I’m hoping my till balances: I have no way of checking, until I get back to work, tomorrow … !

At ANY rate … ?

A any rate, it’s a Friday.

Which means that, once again, it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 

Online 318

Q1) In the E. M. Forster novel, A Room With A View, which Italian city provided the view?
A1) Florence.

Q2) Which London theatre was known as the Royal Coburg, when it first opened: the Old Vic, the Mermaid or The Dominion?
Q2) Old Vic.

Q3) What’s the most common gas in our atmosphere?
A3) Nitrogen.

Q4) Who was the Oscar winning Swedish star of the films, Gaslight, and Anastasia?

Q5) What colour is the gemstone citrine?
A5) Yellow.

Q6) Who, according to Oscar Wilde, was the famous daughter of Herodias?
A6) Salome. (Pronounced SAL–om–ay.)

Q7) What’s the name of Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?
A7) Minnie.   (Her full name’s Minerva …)

Q8) What was the name of Captain Pugwash’s ship?
A8) The Black Pig.

Q9) The lions added to the foot of Nelson’s Column: in which year of the 1860s?
A9) 1867.

Q10) Which organisation formed its first troop in Glasgow, in 1883: the Boy Scouts, the Boys Brigade, or the Salvation Army?
A10) The Boys Brigades.


Q11) The leaves and seed pods of the senna plant can be used as what: a laxative, or a flavouring?
A11) A laxative.

Q12) How much milk does it take to make a pound of most kinds of cheese? 
A12) A Gallon.

Q13) Sodium Chloride is more commonly know as what: salt, pepper, or vinegar? 
A13) Salt.

Q14) What’s the difference between oil & fat, at room temperature? 
A14) Oil’s a liquid at room temperature, fat’s a solid.

Q15) Rickets is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin?
A15) Vitamin D.

Q16) What would you by from a bodega: sherry, brandy, or port?
A16) Sherry.

Q17) Which city in Italy gives its name to an ice cream?
A17) Naples. (Neapolitan.)

Q18) Crème Brûlée has what as the topping, caramelised sugar, or whipped cream?
A18) Caramelised sugar.

Q19) Vodka can be made either from grain, or what vegetable?
A19) The potato.

Q20) Kerr’s Pink, & Maris Piper’s are both kinds of what?
A20) Potato.


Q21) Who composed the Brandenburg Concertos?
A21) Johann Sebastien Bach.

Q22) Dancing With Myself was a big hit for which punk rocker?
A22) Billy Idol.

Q23) Who made the album The Best Of Bob Marley?
A23) Bob Marley & the Wailers.

Q24) Beetlebum, & Country House were hits for which Essex based band?
A24) Blur.

Q25) Come On Over was a best selling country album, for which American singer?
A25) Shania Twain.

Q26) Complete the Alanis Morrissette album title: Jagged Little… what?
A26) Pill

Q27) Björn Again are one of Australia’s top tribute bands: who are they a tribute to?
A27) Abba.

Q28) Walk The Dinosaur, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, & Shake Your Your Head were hits for which US band?
A28) Was, Not Was.

Q29) On average, how many records do you need to sell, to the nearest thousand, make number 1?
A29) 62, 000.

Q30) Where is the Love was the first UK number one from which collective?
A30) The Black Eyed Peas.


Q31) What type of game is known by the initial’s, ‘RPG’?
A31) A role–playing game.

Q32) What French game has a name meaning ‘Balls’?
A32) Boules.

Q33) How many balls are needed for a game of Snooker?
A33) 22.

Q34) In which English town is the Jorvik Viking Centre?
A34) York.

Q35) In which sport would you snatch and jerk?
A35) Weightlifting.

Q36) Olé & Godtfred Christiansen, invented what: Barbie, Lego or Meccano?
A36) Lego.

Q37) The world’s oldest toyshop is in Regent’s Street, in London: what’s it called?
A37) Hamley’s.

Q38) Where does a Steiff Teddy Bear have its label of authenticity?
A38) In its ear.

Q39) What are modern canoes made from?
A39) Fibreglass.

Q40) When played on clay, or shale, what name is given to Lawn Tennis?
A40) Lawn Tennis.


Q41) Erotica was the daughter of Ludicrus & Ammonia.   But in which Frankie Howard comedy series?
A41) Up Pompeii.

Q42) In the original series of Blackadder, which comedian played Richard 3rd?
A42) Peter Cook.

Q43) The Rockford Files famously opened with what: a piece of music, an answerphone message or the sound of footsteps?
A43) An answerphone message.

Q44) In the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, how many slayers had there been? 
A44) Three. (Bonus point if you can name two of them!)

Q45) Jeux Sans Frontieres was the international version of It’s a Knockout. Which now altered European country has won it the most times?
A45) West Germany. (Four times, all told.)

Q46) Which detective series starred Pam Ferris & Felicity Kendal?
A46) Rosemary & Thyme.

Q47) Saffron & Bubble appeared in which sitcom?
A47) Absolutely Fabulous.

Q48) Whose catchphrase is I Don’t Believe It?
A48) Victor Meldrew’s.

Q49) How many characters has Peter Capaldi played, in Dr Who: one, two or three?
A49) Two: He plays the 12th Doctor, obviously, and played a one off character in a David Tennant episode called The Fires of Rome.   (His appearance in Torchwood doesn’t count: we’re asking about Dr Who, not the spin off shows.)

Q50) Peter and Lois Griffins appear in which cartoon series?
A50) Family Guy.


Q51) In the standard UK version of Monopoly, how much does it cost to buy Bow Street?
A51) £180.

Q52) Tripoli is the capital city of which North African country?
A52) Libya.

Q53) What’s the only one word, English anagram of ‘MARASCHINO’?

Q54) Who was the first British PM to take office four times: William Gladstone, Benjamin Disraeli, or Margaret Thatcher?

Q55) Anthophobia is a fear of what: flowers, chips or trees?
A55) Flowers.

Q56) Who wrote Hay Fever: P. G Wodehouse, Noel Coward or Aldous Huxley?

Q57) Shannon, Fastnet and German Bight are all what?

Q58) The space bar is on which row of a computer keyboard: top, bottom or middle?
A58) Bottom.

Q59) A plutocracy is a country ruled by whom: the old, the wealthy or the over-60s?
A59) The wealthy.

Q60) The Tripitaka is the holy book of which religion: Sikhism, Buddhism, or Jainism?
A60) Buddhism.

I those those help … 

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