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Nik Nak’s Friday Question Set — 29-7-2016

Right … 

As you may or may not know, I write for my local paper, the Brentwood Gazette: and have just got off the phone … 

To the Brentwood Recorder!

Looking to expand or transfer the proverbial empire.

Which is pretty much irrelevant, RIGHT now.

But something I’m hopeful about.


I’m hopeful about that …

And KIND of regretful … 

About the fact that — for the past couple of weeks — I’ve been too busy to post up the Friday Question Set.

Something I want to rectify with this weeks set.

Here it is covered by the Creative Commons License* … 

Online 343

Q1) The Women’s Institute was founded in which North American country?
A1) Canada.

Q2) Who was the first female MP to to take her seat in the House of Commons?
Q2) Nancy Astor, 1st Vicontess Astor.   (The UK’s first woman MP, Constance Markiewitz, was a member of Sinn Féin: as such, Markievitz refused to take the oath of loyalty to the Monarch, and thus, her seat.)

Q3) What’s the official residence of the President of France?
A3) The Élysée Palace.

Q4) Talagi Airport is in which country?
A4) Russia.   (It’s in Archangel)

Q5) Prince Phillip was born on which Greek island?
A5) Corfu.

Q6) How is the island of Formosa now know?
A6) Taiwan.

Q7) The Sargasso Sea is in which ocean: the Atlantic, the Indian, or the Pacific?
A7) The Atlantic.

Q8) The Fosse Way links two English cities.   Name one of them.
A8) Lincoln and Exeter.

Q9) Which Ruth was the last woman to be hanged in Britain?
A9) Ruth Ellis.   (The film, Dance With A Stranger, was all about her.)

Q10) Which of the these is a primary colour: pink, purple, or red?
A10) Red.


Q11) Which motorway runs from London to Leeds?
A11) The M1

Q12) Do more countries drive on the left, or right?
A12) Right.

Q13) In which English county is Stansted Airport?
A13) Essex.

Q14) The 1st production line car was the Model T; - which car company made it?
A14) Ford.

Q15) What did the Montgolfier brothers fly, in 1783?
A15) A hot air balloon.

Q16) Talking of brothers, what was the surname of aviation pioneers, Orville, & Wilbur?
A16) Wright.

Q17) What is the full name of the QE2?
A17) Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

Q18) Which European country do Renault cars come from?
A18) France.

Q19) Who produced the Silver Ghost?
A19) Rolls Royce.

Q20) Over which ocean did Alcock & Brown fly, in 1919?
A20) The Atlantic.


Q21) On which side of New York was the musical about rival gangs?
A21) The west side.

Q22) Who starred as Cleopatra opposite Richard Burton, as Mark Anthony?
A22) Elizabeth Taylor

Q23) In the hit Peter O’Toole film, which country was Lawrence associated?
A23) Arabia

Q24) What role did Warren Beatty play, opposite Faye Dunaway’s Bonnie.
A24) Clyde

Q25) In the 1969 film, what type of Cowboy was John Voight?
A25) Midnight.

Q26) Who played “The Graduate” in the film of the same name?
A26) Dustin Hoffman.

Q27) Who played Doctor Who, in the two 60’s Doctor Who movies?
A27) Peter Cushing

Q28) Who won an Oscar, as Professor Higgins, in “My Fair Lady”?
A28) Rex Harrison.

Q29) Which Lionel Bart musical was based on a novel by Charles Dickens?
A29) Oliver.

Q30) Which Mia starred in Rosemary’s Baby?
A30) Mia Farrow.

Q31) What is the 1st name of Mrs Bucket (Bouquet), in “Keeping Up Appearances”?
A31) Hyacinth.

Q32) Who played Patsy, in “Absolutely Fabulous”?
A32) Joanna Lumley.

Q33) What was the name of Gordon Kaye’s character, in “’Allo, ’Allo”?
A33) René.

Q34) In which sitcom does Victor Meldrew appear?
A34) “One Foot in the Grave.”

Q35) In “Only Fool’s & Horses”, what”s Del Boy & Rodney’s surname?
A35) Trotter.

Q36) Was Ally McBeal a lawyer, an advertising executive, or a doctor?
A36) A lawyer.

Q37) Jerry & Margo’s neighbours, Tom & Barbara, led what kind of life?
A37) “The Good Life”

Q38) What was the profession of Steptoe & Son?
A38) Rag & Bone men.

Q39) According to the title of the 90’s sitcom, how many Children did Bill & Ben Porter have?
A39) “2 point 4 Children.”

Q40) Which of Nora Batty’s rather wrinkly clothes was Compo fascinated by, in “Last of the Summer Wine”?
A40) Her stockings.


Q41) Which European country has the internet suffix, .at?
A41) Austria

Q42) Which wind blows from the Sahara Desert, to southern Italy: the Sirocco, the Savanah, or the Saveloy?
A42) The Sirocco.

Q43) Which Canadian island has Victoria as its capital?
A43) Vancouver.

Q44) Which country has Eastern, Central, Pacific, & Mountain time zones?
A44) The USA.

Q45) In which ocean are the Maldives?
A45) The Indian Ocean.

Q46) Which US state is known as the Lone Star State?
A46) Texas.

Q47) Cotopaxi, the world’s highest volcano, is in which South American country?
A47) Ecuador.

Q48) What is the USA’s oldest educational establishment?
A48) Harvard.

Q49) How do the Argentiniens refer to the Falkland Islands?
A49) Las Malvinas.

Q50) Which far Eastern country has the world’s most neighbouring countries?
A50) China.


Q51) What direction do you travel, when abseiling?
A51) Downwards.

Q52) The Transandine Railway linked two South American countries: name either.   (Two points for both.)
A52) Chile and Argentina.

Q53) What was George the 2nd supposedly sitting on at the time of his death?
A53) The Toilet.

Q54) What language was spoken by the ancient Romans?
A54) Latin.

Q55) What is the fifth book of the Old Testament?

Q56) What kind of shop would you usually find on Savile Row?
A56) A Tailor’s..

Q57) On the standard UK Monopoly board, what colour is Leicester Square?
A57) Yellow.

Q58) Astraphobia is a fear of what?
A58) Lightning.

Q59) Eugene Polley is credited with inventing a wireless remote control.   For what?
A59) A TV set.

Q60) Where would you find the Spirit of Ecstacy?
A60) On a Rolls Royce.


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