Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Re-Animator — Retro Fun … !

27th July, 2016.

You know, I have to admit to a certain Amount of disappointments today.

As … ?

Well, this week’s Teaser got nudged aside: at least, the print edition did.

Replaced by an advert, would you believe!

I don’t ask for much: just the chance to have my work aired in the local paper.

I know they have to take adverts: but to bump me out, as well as the Readers letter?

Little disappointing, that.

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, as I had the night off?

I felt I deserved a movie.

If for no other reason than to hide from my kid sister, Ruth.

Well, I DID buy my nephew, Jude, a water pistol, this afternoon.

I THINK I could be in trouble!

Either Way, the movie was something I’ve not actually seen in years.

1985’s Stuart Gordon directed, Brian Yuzna produced, H. P. Lovecraft inspired piece that is … 

Re-Animator opens in Zurich: showing us two policemen, a nurse and a hospital administrator breaking into the office of Dr Hans Gruber.   The unfortunate doctor … ?

Has just died horribly: and been brought back to life by the arcane practises of student, Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs).

A few weeks later?   And West is now enrolled at Miskatonic Medical School: where he soon rents a room from fellow student, Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott).

And ends up in trouble: as Dan’s girlfriend, Megan (Barbara Crampton) takes a dislike to the unnerving  Herbert … 

And the pay find out exactly what Herbert’s been doing in the basement with a dead cat … 

That … ?   Well, apart from leaving those of us of a certain age with vague memories of 101 Uses for a Dead Cat?

That is where the fun starts …


Now … can I make a confession, here?

I first came across Re-Animator during the home video boom of the 1980s: when video rental shops were as ubiquitous, as common, as Netflix, Amazon and iTunes are, now.

One of the films I frequented rented, having fallen in love with it, back then?

Was Re-Animator.

With good reason, I think.   It’s mix of grim horror, pseudo-science and ever-so-sick, black humour?

Appealed hugely.

And, in Combs?   An sympathetic mad scientist, fixated on what he’s doing … with a hard stare, and an elegant line in dribbling disdain to the bargain.

Coming back to Re-Animator, many years latter?

Isn’t like watching a work of artistic genius.

But IS like looking in on an old Friend: only to discovered it’s looking VERY goos, after all this time.


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