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The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe: The 2011 Christmas Special

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You know, I’ve got to confess, I’m a thinking I’ve had a rather good Christmas, on the whole.

Generally speaking, that is …

After all, I’ve ended up with loot: of gifts appropriate to the season, I should say.

And what’s more … ?

My nephew, Jude — who’s 1 year old, tomorrow — was decidedly impressed with the toy mobile phone I’d got him as a combined birthday and Christmas present.

Oh, and happy distracted by one of the labels from one of his other presents, I should add.

Always the way, isn’t it … ?

And what’s more … ?

I’m also thinking I’ve seen a very good Christmas special of Dr Who.

Hmmm …

And that’s an impressed, “Hmmm”, I think I should add.


The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe sees Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor being rescued from the hole he’s in — or impact crater, I should say — by Marge Arwell: who, played by Claire Skinner, is the Widow of the title, after her husband is killed during WW2.

And fortunately or otherwise … ?

Marge decides to take herself and her children to relatives in Dorset: where she plans to spend the Christmas season trying to give her children some measure of happiness, before she breaks the terrible news to them of their father’s death.

A plan that only goes slightly astray, when the family meets the old manor-house’s new caretaker …


Now, I told you I was impressed …

Oh, yes, that I am!

I know that series six had it’s spotty patches — being shown in two parts definitely being a contributing factor, there — but I also believe that an on-form Steven Moffat is certainly equal of the best the show has ever been.

Granted, I feel he’s not the outright genius Russell T. Davies was and is with co-ordinating a story-arc: I’m thinking he’s possibly finding it work.

But it seems to me that his major strength is in individual stories.

(Which is QUITE a list, however one looks at it.)

And — with it’s time travelling, inter-dimensional slant on both The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and The Railway ChildrenThe Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe … ?

Is one hell of a story.

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