Thursday, 19 January 2012

Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 4. Escape To LA

Hmmm …


Hmmm …

Yes … That does make for a suitably waffly sort of opening, doesn’t it … ?

And, yes, I realise that Grub’s going to possibly be complaining about that.
Especially when I also admit that I’m listening to Plaza, the opening track of John Foxx’s Metamatic album. And wondering if Murray Gold — composer and musical mainstay of both Dr Who and most series of Torchwood — had given the album a listen before written the theme tune for the show.

There‘s a sort of do-dit-do-dit-do-dit-do riff that’s gone through both tunes that’s got me thinking. Go have a listen to both, before you say anything, Grub …

Let’s get moving on, shall we, here … ?

Shall we … ?

Yes, I think I should …


Tonight saw the UK broadcast of episode 4 of Torchwood: Miracle Day, titled Escape To LA.

Escape To LA sees the Torchwood team finally finding a relatively safe haven in the US city of Los Angeles.

And collectively deciding that they’re best bet is to raid a major server farm owned by PhiCorp, in order to grab a very heavily secured server with a lot of juicy details on it.

While all this is going on … ?

While all this, Oswald Danes — who we found in last week’s episode is now working for PhiCorp — has a problem of his own.

In the shape of Ellis Hartley-Munroe, a Republic mayor from small-town America, with Tea-Party leanings, who’s campaigning for segregation of those who should’ve died on Miracle Day.

Something that, seemingly, PhiCorp are already considering.

It’s the reason why they’ve seemingly hired Danes in the first place.

The reason Dr Juarez has been seemingly shanghaied into working at what they’ve been referring to as an ‘Overflow Camp’ for some time.

Why they’ve hired a hitman to prevent Jack and Gwen to grab that rather well guarded server.

And … ?

And in one of Escape To LA’s nastier set-pieces, managed to arranged the death of Hartly-Munroe.

Hmmm …

I know we’re encouraged to recycle, but that scene was a little on the extreme side, wouldn’t you say … ?

I mean, we get recycling bags in the UK …


Now, I’ll happily admit to having enjoyed Escape To LA, I really did.

Whilst simultaneously thinking that episode 3 was the better done episode of the four to date.

I don’t know if I can speak for Grub, here — he’ll hopefully be expressing his views, later — but I’ve found this rather good: it’s putting the final pieces of the PhiCorp puzzle in to place, given us — and the team — an insight into what’s going on, and started to get the plot moving along.

About my only real niggle, was Dr Nicholas Frumpkin, the minor character who’s biometric print is needed to break into the PhiCorp server farm.

Frumpkin, notice.

A character with a name like that, you wouldn’t think of casting an actor called Kelvin Yu, would you … ?

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