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The Fades: Episode 5: Blood, Guts … And TRIPE … !

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You know, I’ve GOT to confess, I’ve left it a bit late to do the post-The Fades write up a touch on the late side.

But have to admit, that’s what walking into town — or, at least, as far as Brentwood High Street — can do for you.

Or, at least, one after a late night episode of The Fades.


Do you remember, last week, that I said I was annoyed about episode 5 of The Fades being shown — last night, in case you’re losing track — at 10, instead of nine?

I’ve got to admit, I was mildly annoyed about that, finding that Outcasts being booted around the schedules being a part — although quite a small part — of taking a serious nose-dive in the ratings.

I think that’s not going to be an issue with The Fades.

Not by a long shot*.


At ANY rate … !

Episode 5 opens with Paul having been let out of hospital: to a very worried immediate family.

And sees Paul, Mac, Jay and Anna’s school opened as an crisis centre.

It seems the small unnamed town that the story is set in, is being plagued by a series of disappearances.

We can guess why, can’t we … ?

It seems the Fades have found a very handy way to both collect bodies and recruit … more bodiesº …

Actually, one of those collected almost recruits is Jay, Paul’s girlfriend, who get’s rescued in a dramatic rescueª, from the school’s boiler-room^.


Which is where the episode closes, or near enough.

Actually, no, that’s me misjudging things.

Jay’s rescue is roughly half way through.

The rest of Episode 5 sees our heroes dealing with the results of the decisions that have lead here.

Including Paul’s newly found abilities to bring death unto‡ the reborn Fades.

Inspector Armstrong’s™ decision to make sure people start evacuating town.

Neil’s decision to kidnap Mac, in order to blackmail Paul into confronting — and killing — John.

And Sarah’s decision to go and see her ex-husband, after her experiences in tonight’s episode≠.

I’m thinking the first series of The Fades … ?

DEMANDS both a suitably wonderful climax.

And re-commissioning for a second series.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer was never this dark …

Or this good.

* In a post about the show for The Guardian, Ben Dowell wrote “It is difficult not to watch BBC3 and E4 and think channels which target the under 35s are emerging as among the best places for boldness and innovation in UK TV drama.”. And while I’ve not seen either Skins or Misfits — I know Grub has, so I hope he’ll be able to comment — Mr Dowell has a very good point about both Being Human … and The Fades.

º One of whom is Anna’s boyfriend, Steve, who ultimately comes to a sticky end …

ª Hmmm … Cue references to Orpheus

^ Which is either an extremely oblique reference — in a series that, so far, has been covered in them — to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, or to Orpheus, as I’ve already mentioned …

™ Who, don’t forget, is investigating the assorted murders, missing people and earth-tremors … And is also Mac’s father, in case I’ve not mentioned it before.

‡ Yes, Grub, ‘unto the reborn Fades’ is possibly one of the ponceiest phrases in the post, but it’s THAT kind of show …

≠ I’ve got to give Natalie Dormer, who plays Sarah, a lot of credit, here: I don’t think acting training includes being in a bath and covered in tripe …

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