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The Fades: Episode 6. Top THAT, Mr Production Crew … !

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Whoah … !

Now, I’ve got to admit to being impressed with the end of that … !

Hmmm …

I’d better grab a sip of this steaming hot mug of tea, AND a deep breath, and tell you what I’m on about, hadn’t I … ?


As you’ve possibly noticed, Grub and me* do tend to have our different views on thangs.

Or possibly even things … !

But I’m thinking he may be impressed with tonight’s sixth episode in the first series of The Fades.

Although how the show’s writer, Jack Thorne, can continue in any given series two, I can’t imagine … !

You see, tonight‘s episode … ?

Went for the BIG finish …

Sort of …


Episode six of The Fades follows on directly from last weeks: we find that in his quest to try and … ah … persuade Paul to do things his way, Neil has kidnapped Mac.

AND managed to take Anna, Jay, and Meg hostage, as well.

And, in the course of taking Paul to the confrontation with John — who’s been depopulating the town, and replacing bodies with modern-day ghouls — manages to kill Jay …

Hmm …

Yes, you can sort of tell I’ve managed to get suitably enthusiastic about that, can’t you … ?

I’m managed to post that up, last night, feeling dog-tired. I think it shows, doesn’t it … ?

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, last’s night’s episode of The Fades sees the final confrontation between Paul and John.

Complete — if I haven’t already mentioned it — with Neil having taking Mac, Meg, Anna and Jay hostage to persuade Paul to kill John and the rest of the reborn Fades.

Instead of using Paul’s plan to re-open an Ascension point.


Now …

After all that … ?

I think I’m personally going to go “Phew”, after that.

Now, I’m not sure what Grub made of The Fades: although I’m very aware one or two friends of mine weren’t keen.

Personally … ?

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed this first series: and wouldn’t mind seeing a second.

Although, quite how, I don’t know …

No, scrub that thought.

Last night’s episode ended — as I’m sure those of us who saw it would agree — on a very apocalyptic note: with visions of an on-coming extreme storm provoked by Paul’s opening of a new Ascension point, under the shopping centre where it all seemingly began, back in episode 1.

And the death of Jay, along the wayº.

Frankly … ?

I think I’ve not seen something as enjoyably dark or bleak as this for a long time.

I’d like to see more.

I think I’ll leave both the producers and writers of The Fades with a question.

When’s Series 2?

Ascension’s been f*cked with.

The central character’s an emotionally wrecked angel who’s seen his girlfriend killed in front of him.

I’d like to know what happens next.

* And the man who alway’s forget’s his capital ‘I’s when talking about himself … will no doubt correct me for that …

º It’s not THAT often I’ve seen the death of a character in a piece of genre TV: in fact the last series I can remember to do so — although with less of a budget†ª — was Blake’s 7, many years ago.

ª I know Kevin D will possibly give me an argument about that: but I’m thinking, The Fades probably had a smaller budget than Blake’s 7. But — and this is the important bit — didn’t make as many demands on it: in terms of special effects, sets, props, or model work.

† I’m also thinking that The Fades put me vaguely in mind of Blake’s 7 and Star Cops, the latter, especially: I’m also thinking BBC 4 would have been a fantastic home for the latter.

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