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The Fades Episode 1: They’re HEEEEEEERE!

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Now, wait a minute, Hang ON … !

I’m not — despite what Grub may say later — impressed.


I’m not.

You see, I’ve caught something on TV, and not impressed.


I’m stunned.

Stunned, I should maybe say.

Although, being honest … ?

That means I’m missing a VERY good chance to use the phrase, ‘gobsmacked’ … !


Right …

You’re probably what the hell I’m burbling on about, now, aren’t you … ?

I’ll be frank … ?

I’ve just seen the first episode of BBC3’s new supernatural drama series, The Fades. And been frantically tweeting about it, as well, along with quite a few other people!
And I think I can safely say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve seen!

After a frantic pre-title teaser, that sees a woman called Sarah being killed, Episode 1 of The Fades sees two schoolfriend, the deeply troubled Paul and his friend Mac on something of a dare, to an abandoned town centre shopping mall: in the belief that it’s been used by a film company to make a horror flick. A film company that’s maybe left a few bits and bobs lieing around.

During that opening few minutes, the pair become separated.

Which is where Paul meets a mysterious figure that he only later finds out is called Neil.

A mysterious figure who immediately starts threatening Paul with a loaded handgun …

And who only stops shooting …

When a body comes through the roof of the basement.


Now …

I was saying about gobsmacked, earlier … ?

Too damn RIGHT I was gobsmacked!

You see, I’m thinking that this opening episode of The Fades is quite possibly one of the best openers I’ve seen in a very long time.
I’d put it somewhere on a par with Rose, the opener for Christopher Ecclestone’s one and only season as Dr Whoº.

It shoves us — hurly-burly — into the middle of things, introduces us to its main characters and how they relate to each other: and explains the shows premise* in a way that doesn’t feel patronising or preachy.

Hang on, lemme just have some of this tea that’s going cold at me …

That’s better … !

Now, where was I … ?

Yeah …

Episode 1!

Now …

I’ve told you I’ve enjoyed this, haven’t I … ?

And I suspect — although I could be wrong, granted — that Grub will have done, as well.

Or, at least, by the time he sees it. (He happily admitted he’s got his long term girlfriend, over, tonight.)

After all … ?

The Fades had us happily nattering about it in Brentwood Library, today.

And both happily admitting it looked good.

I think I can safely say tonight’s first episode … ?

Both lives up to the hype.

AND has me wondering why the BBC put it BBC3 …

When The Fades has so easily outclassed The Body Farm, on BBC1 …

* The fades of the title are — according to Neil — the souls of those who’ve died, but, for some unknown reason, can‘t get through to where-ever they’re supposed to go to next: they’re seemingly stuck here, on Earth, and become bitter and angry as a result.

º I couldn’t help but feel this way, in part, because Neil’s first word to Paul, mirroring the Doctor’s to Rose, in that episode: “RUN!”

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