Monday, 16 January 2012

The LONG Weight ...

You know, I've GOT to be honest, I'm in Brentwood Library, again.

The observant can probably tell by the font.

And I'll be frank ... ?

I've just been in to see my GP.

If you remember, the last time I went, I was told I'd have to start eating more healthily, and take some more exercise.

Well ...

I've just found out what my post-Christmas Body Mass Index has ...

Umm ...

Well ...

Gone upwards.

DEFINITELY the wrong direction!


However … ?

As worrying as that is - and I'm VERY aware @RockTique*, one of my followers on Twitter, would tell me to not worry so much - I DO know I'm giong to have to get more exercise.

Some of the alternatives

Sound messy enough to need nappies … !

* From what little she’s told me, Meredith’s a girl who’s been there, done that … and KNOWS when to worry … !

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