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The Friday Question Set — 27-01-2012

I think the phrase an old friend of mine would use here is Yayness.

Mostly … ?

Mostly because it’s the FOURTH week that I’ve posted up the Friday Question Set in its own post …

AND there’s another poster involved.

It still amazes me how Keynote manages … !

At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, there’s today’s set: along with the usual Creative Commons License
Online 137: Copied From Hutton 200

Q1) If your birthday was on May the 30th, what would your star-sign be?
A1) Gemini.

Q2) Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi are the longest serving members of which British rock band?
Q2) Status Quo.

Q3) Port Stanley is the capital of which Islands?
A3) The Falklands.

Q4) Reference Point won the Derby in which year of the 1980s?
A4) 1987.

Q5) ‘K’ is the chemical symbol for which metal?
A5) Potassium.

Q6) What sort of creature is a Yak: an ox, a pig or a lizard?
A6) An Ox.

Q7) What’s the other name for an Eggplant?
A7) An Aubergine.

Q8) According to urban myth, the word Tobacco is derived from which European language?
A8) Spanish.

Q9) Which county shares the longest border with Essex?
A9) Suffolk.

Q10) What do the initials YMCA stand for?
A10) Young Men’s Christian Association.


Q11) Mark Hamill — better known as Luke Skywalker, in Star Wars — had his first TV appearance in which American sitcom?
A11) The Cosby Show.

Q12) What would Linda Barker design on TV: interiors or exteriors?
A12) Interiors.

Q13) Peter Amory has played which member of the Tate family, in Emmerdale, since 1989?
A13) Chris Tate.

Q14) Lynda Bellingham found fame, advertising which brand of gravy?
A14) Oxo.

Q15) Which role was played by Catherine Zeta Jones, in The Darling Buds of May?
A15) Mariette.

Q16) The Offer was the pilot episode of which scrapped 60s sitcom?
A16) Steptoe & Son.

Q17) On This Morning Denise Robertson does what: cook, review the soaps or act as agony aunt?
A17) Act as agony Aunt.

Q18) Which comedian created the comedy character, Alan Partridge?
A18) Steve Coogan.

Q19) Who presents ITV’s The South Bank Show: Jeremy Paxman, Jeremy Speke, Melvin Bragg or Billy Bragg?
A19) Melvin Bragg.

Q20) John Craven was the original presenter of which children’s news show?
A20) Newsround.


Q21) The dove is a member of which bird family?
A21) The pigeon family.

Q22) What is the largest land mammal?
A22) The elephant.

Q23) What sort of feet do antelopes have?
A23) Hooves.

Q24) A caribou is a type of what: reindeer or lizard?
A24) Reindeer.

Q25) What is a rhododendron?
A25) A plant.

Q26) What is a Scots pine?
A26) A tree.

Q27) What is a Lynx?
A27) A cat.

Q28) What do herbivores eat: plants, meat or both?
A28) Plants.

Q29) Where is a horse’s muzzle?
A29) It’s head: it’s its nose

Q30) How many nostrils does a dog have?
A30) Two.


Q31) Kim Philby found notoriety as a what?
A31) A spy.

Q32) Which lord sat in the House of Commons as Quintin Hogg?
A32) Lord Hailsham.

Q33) Which famous American author died in 2007?
A33) Sidney Sheldon.

Q34) Marlene Dietrich was born in which country?
A34) Germany.

Q35) The late Douglas Adams wrote about The Hitch-hikers Guide to … where?
A35) The Galaxy.

Q36) What did Sir Paul McCartney’s first wife die of?
A36) Breast cancer

Q37) What form of fiction did Roald Dahl first write, war stories, children’s stories or spy fiction?
A37) War stories.

Q38) The late classical instrumentalist, Jacqueline du Pré played which musical instrument?
A38) Cello.

Q39) Which assassinated former US president was the first Catholic to hold the office?
A39) John F. Kennedy.

Q40) Who was the first member of the Monty Python team to die?
A40) Graham Chapman.


Q41) Who’s the main character in the Angelina Jolie film, Tomb Raider?
A41) Lara Croft

Q42) What sort of farm features in Chicken Run?
A42) An egg farm.

Q43) In that same film, which Absolutely Fabulous star provided the voice of Ginger? (We want the name of the actress, not her character)
A43) Julia Sawalha.

Q44) Which thriller film starred Hugh Jackman as a hacker, and John Travolta as a counter terrorist officer?
A44) Swordfish.

Q45) In Meet the Parents which animals is Robert DeNiro’s character fond of?
A45) Cats.

Q46) Who provided the voice of Shrek?
A46) Michael Myers.

Q47) In the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, what is the profession of John Hurt’s character?
A47) Doctor.

Q48) Which English actor played Erin Brockovitch boss, in the Julia Roberts film of the same name?
A48) Albert Finney

Q49) Which Michael Douglas film was all about the drugs trade?
A49) Traffic.

Q50) On which continent is the Leonardo DiCaprio film, Blood Diamond set?
A50) Africa.


Q51) Rosemarie Ford, and Anthea Turner have both assisted which presenter of The Generation Game?
A51) Bruce Forsyth

Q52) What’s the US equivalent of the Footsie 100 Index?
A52) The Dow Jones Index.

Q53) What’s the worlds largest Gulf?
A53) The Gulf of Mexico.

Q54) In pre-decimal British currency, how many pennies were there to a guinea: 252, 302 or 352?
A54) 252.

Q55) There are two main ingredients in pasta: name either. (Two points for both.)
A55) Flour and water.

Q56) The lethally poisonous drug, Digitalis, is derived from which common wild flower?
A56) Foxglove.

Q57) Which Jazz musician was known as the King of Ragtime?
A57) Scott Joplin.

Q58) In which ocean does the island of Madagascar lie?
A58) The Indian Ocean.

Q59) If a squares area is 256 centimeters, how long are each of its sides?
A59) 16 cm.

Q60) In which English county is the Forest of Dean?
A60) Gloucestershire.
Enjoy that, folks: I hope it helps … !

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