Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Number 23: Blood, Guts And Numbers … 

You know, I’m thinking I really need to get out a touch more … !

I really do … !

If only for NO other reason than a healthy walk would do me good!

Seriously. I’ve actually found out that my BMI has gone up a point over the Christmas period.

My new GP has recommended LOTS more exercise …

Which I’m sure I’ve mentioned already.

At any rate … ?

At any rate, I’ve got to say I had the evening to meself, last night: meself …

And a copy of Jim Carrey/Virginia Madsen movie, The Number 23.

Which is definitely an experience, I think …


The Number 23 sees Jim Carrey as dog catcher, Walter Sparrow: who is given a copy of an obscure novel — also called The Number 23 — detailing the life of a Detective Fingerling.

Who Walter comes to increasingly identify with, especially after realising that he and the detective have had remarkably similar childhoods.

And that he and the book’s central character have a fascination with gruesome murders and detective stories …

And an ongoing fascination with the number 23* enigma


Now, the USUAL question, at this stage … ?

Was I impressed … ?

Frankly, no, to be honest … !

The Number 23 isn’t a film that immediately reached out a grabbed me.

I found it watchable … but forgettable, to be perfectly frank.

Saying that … ?

Even though The Number 23 is a film that completely grabbed me, I will give Jim Carrey credit for cropping up in a film that’s outside of the usual comedies I’d expect to see him in.

It’s worth catching for that, I’m thinking.

The Number 23

* Which is a Sophie Germain prime, the TCP/IP port for telnet messages AND the number of years that it took for the Holy Qu’ran to be revealed to the Prophet. But you knew that already …

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