Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Super 8: home movies, cameras … and LARGE creatures …

You know, I’ve got a very bad habit … !

Well …

Actually, I’ve probably either got — or had — several.

Not one of which … ?

Is a bad habit of staying up late … and then whinging in the morning … !

Actually … ?

It is getting rather late: so, on top of telling you I’ll finish this post in the metaphorical morning … ?

Is the fact I’m going to tell you I’ve just watched the J. J. Abrams directed Super 8, and come away pleased with what I’ve seen.



There we go:

I told you I had a bad habit of finishing things later, didn’t I … ?

At ANY rate, let me finish off telling you about Super 8, shall I … ?

Set in 1979, Super 8 sees Joe Lamb — Joel Courtney — and his friends struggling to film a home made zombie movie for a local film festival.

However, as the group are filming at a rural railway station, a train derails, right in front of them.

A derailment that — understandably — scares the life out of our heroes.

And a derailment that — unnoticed, in all the explosions — also allows something to escape from its confinement …


Now, I’ve got to admit, I was right about feeling tired, when I started writing this particular post: add whiney to that, and you’ve probably got my mood in a nutshell.

However … ?

I’ve got to admit, I came away pleased to have seen Super 8, last night.

It’s something of an old fashioned ETesque type film. But one with some modern take on the late 1970s that I think won’t disappoint.

Personally … ?

Well …

Super 8

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