Friday, 6 January 2012

The Fades: Episode 3: Flesh, Birth … Apocalypse … And Adolescent Sex … 

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You know, I’m REALLY going to have to start thinking of more tags to add to the list at the bottom of this post, I REALLY am … !

Because, believe it or not … ?
I think I may need one or two … !

Because I think I’m getting to the point where I’m going to admit …

I can see WHY they haven’t put The Fades on BBC 1.

I think fornicating teens might just get some grumbling … !


Hmmm …

Now, you’ve probably already worked out I’m talking about last night’s third episode of The Fades, haven’t you … ?

Episode three’s SOMETHING of a complicatedly multithreaded one, so bear with me while I try and explain it.

For one thing … ?

One thread sees Paul getting ever closer — extremely so, in fact — to his sister Anna’s best friend Jay.

Which is nice: just don’t ask about the wings!

Another … ?

Another sees our hero almost completely forgetting the simple fact that it’s his best friend’s birthday.

And yet a third — phew — sees him healing the almost dead Neil: who’s been both seriously injured as a result of last week’s encounter with some seriously nasty fades.

And healed in a way that forces the soon to ascend — and very dead — Helen to admit he can do thing’s she couldn’t, while she was alive …


It doesn’t stop there, either.

Seemingly … ?

Seemingly the chief Bad Fade — referred to as POLUS — has managed to changed itself into a complete human form, AND start cropping up in Paul’s vision of the end of the world …


Episode three ALSO has something of a sudden ending.

It sees Paul …

Hit by a truck.

I’m glued … !

Again … !

I’d like to see how this resolves itself … !

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