Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dr Who Episode 9: Night Terrors

(Originally Posted on Nik Nak And Grub’s Who Peculiar, on 3 September 2011 19:59:00)

You know, I’ve GOT to confess …

I’m impressed.

Rather definitely!

Impressed is the word … !

Although LORD know’s what Grub — and more importantly his daughter — will make of tonight’s episode of Dr Who.

You see …

I’m thinking I’ve not necessarily seen the best episode of the entire new series of Dr Who: but am personally convinced I’ve seen the best episode of series 6.

And considering I thought the two part Rebel Flesh/Almost People was the prize winning pairing of the season, that’s saying something … !

Night Terrors — written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Richard Clark — sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory summoned to Earth by telepathic cries for help from a very scared little boy called George, on an unnamed housing estate, somewhere in England.

A little boy who is both not entirely what he seems.

And one who’s incredibly scared “… of the monsters” …

Seemingly … ?

George had got something nasty in the wardrobe.

Which sounds ambiguous, I know …

Until we find that George, unbeknownst to his parents, is something of a benevolent cuckoo child: a member of a species called the Tenza, whose mild telepathic ability are causing havoc in the flat where he lives.

Havoc that includes trapping his father, and the Doctor and his crew, in a dolls house in the bottom of the wardrobe.


Now …

About impressed … ?

Yes, I am, actually …

You see, I’ve been loving the feel of this series, over all.

But HAVE to admit that the overall story arc — about River/Melody and whoever it is that she kills — is …

Well, isn’t boring: it’s entertaining and wonderful to watch.

But Night Terrors … ?

DOES mark a nice break, a nice little change of pace.

AND a nice little episode in and of itself …

AND adds what I think are one of the three creepiest monsters I’ve seen in new Dr Who.

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