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Torchwood Miracle Day Episode 3: Dead Of Night.

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Whoah … !

Whoah … !!!

And once, again …


OK, I’m maybe not THAT enthusiastic.

But I have just seen episode three of Torchwood: Miracle Day, and I definitely think this is where the series picks up.

Dead of Night follows on — after a short space of time — from the events of last week: and sees the combined Torchwood/CIA team of Captain Jack, Gwen Cooper, Rex Matheson and Esther Drummond on the proverbial run, and being pursued by Rex’s employers from Langley.

And on the way … ?

Quickly checking out a warehouse — owned by a multinational pharmaceuticals company called PhiCorp — and finding it suspiciously full of exactly the kind of painkillers and antibiotics a badly injured body could need: especially badly injured ones that can’t die, need.


That’s not the only thing, of course.

On top of this, Jilly Kitzinger — introduced in last weeks episode, and played by Lauren Ambrose — has managed to recruit Oswald Danes for the drug company that she works for. The already mentioned PhiCorp.

Who — if not up to their necks in it — are certainly well prepared to take advantage of the simple fact that they’ve a lot of drugs sitting around.

And a congressman who’s prepared to go out to bat for them too.


Now …

I’m …

Grub, can you look up ‘impressed’ in the nearest available thesaurus for me, please … ?

No … ?

I’ll grab mine, then … !

Hmmm …

No help in that, to be honest … !

So I’m forced to say that I’m definitely taken with episode 3.

Granted, it had one or two flat parts — the scene were Jilly recruits Oswald springs to mind here, at least for it’s opening parts — but on the whole … ?

On the whole, I’m thinking episode three is where Miracle Day is starting both to heat up.

And with some of that black Torchwood humour that graced the first three series.

Going on Dead of Night … ?

Yes …

Torchwood’s back.

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