Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dr Who Episode 10: The Girl Who Waited

(Originally posted on Nik Nak and Grub’s Who Peculiar on 10 September 2011 20:11:00.)

Grub … ?

Were you impressed … ?

I was impressed … !

Seriously … !

I’m in enthusiastic burble mode.

You can tell, can’t you … ?

Ooooh, hang on, the Focus Puller … !

Yes …

I’m definitely burbling, aren’t … !

Right, hang on …

Cup of tea, deep breath …

And let me tell you about tonight’s episode of Dr Who … !


Episode 10, The Girl Who Waited sees the Dr, Amy and Rory heading off for the resort world of Apalapucia: which the Dr happily claim’s is a lot less touristy than the universe’s best resort.

The trouble is, of course … ?

The one thing you EXPECT to be a problem on ANY foreign trip, really.

Getting caught up in Quarantine, on the way through.

Seemingly … ?

One will affect both the Doctor, and the natives, and kill either within a day.

The unfortunate thing … ?

Is that while the Doctor manages to get he and Rory back to the TARDIS, Amy is caught up in a mildly parallel time stream, initially designed to isolate infected visitors.

Notice I say mildly parallel … ?

Mildly parallel …

And slightly faster.

With the net result that Amy is left stranded for thirty-six years, being chased by the robots, the Hand-Bots.


Now …

I’ll be frank, again, I don’t know if you actually caught The Girl Who Waited, tonight, but if you didn’t … ?

If you didn’t, I personally believe you’ve missed a cracker of an episode!

For starters, Karen Gillan’s performance, as both the older and younger Amy was amazing.

Yes, I know: and I’m honest enough to admit 5’11” of cute redhead’s very hard to ignore … !

But there’s a scene where ‘our’ Amy is interacting with her older self, through a magnifying glass that’s a joy to watch.

I’ll let you catch that for yourself.

But if you’ve missed tonight’s four-handed episode?

Well …

You’ve missed a treat … !

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