Friday, 6 January 2012

The Fades Episode 2: They’re STILL here. And Made FLESH!

(Originally posted on Nik Nak & Grub’s Who Peculiar, 28 September 2011 22:15:00)
You know, I’ve GOT to admit, this is going to be one of those posts I’m going to start late …

And finish in the morning … !

Mostly … ?

Because to be frank, I feel godawful!

Absolutely no energy to me!

What HASN’T helped … ?

Is that today’s been one of the hottest September’s in the UK for a very long time!

I’ll catch you in the morning … !

Oh, that’s better, that, a good night’s sleep.

Although — as I think I mentioned here — I think I hate early mornings … !

Lets get moving on, shall we … ? Before Grub gets sarcastic …


Last night’s second episode of The Fades follows on a short time from episode one: it show’s us Neil dealing with the aftermath of the death of Helen and Sarah.

And Paul having visions of the death of his mother and sister: something that worries Mac enough to make a comment or two.

And something that confirms to Neil the course of action he takes.

Dragging Paul to an abandoned care home, to speak to the fade of a former angelic called Eric.

Who, in his own sweet way, confirms that Paul is going to be “important … ”


Now …

I’m blowed if I know what Grub’s going to say about last night’s episode.

Personally … ?

I’ve enjoyed it, again.

It’s kept up a fair level of creepiness, advances the plot, tells us more about both good and bad* Fades …

Personally … ?

I’m STILL watching … !

* The bad ones, so you know, are able to interact with this world because they’re finding bodies, and eating them. Or MANUFACTURING bodies, so they can eat them.

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