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The Friday Question Set — 06-01-2012

You know, I could get used to this.


You, I’ve forgotten to post up the Friday question set with todays Teaser, so I’m remedying that, by putting it up now.

I’m just thinking, though … that I might just do that on a pretty much permanent basis:just to separate everything out.

Thoughts on a postcard/back of an envelope to … !


At any rate … ?

At any rate, here’s the Friday Question set for today: covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License
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Q1) What does a Cooper make?
A1) Barrels.

Q2) What name is given to a squirrel’s home?
Q2) A drey.

Q3) Who did David Cameron beat, to become Tory party leader?
A3) David Davies.

Q4) In the film, Death in Venice, what disease kills Gustav von Aschenbach?
A4) Cholera.

Q5) In which year was the MOT test introduced, 1950, 1960 or 1970?
A5) 1960.

Q6) What did Chris Chataway, Sebastian Coe, and Lord Burghley do, after retiring from their respective sports?
A6) Became MP’s.

Q7) The Highlander, Prius and Tundra, are all made by which car company?
A7) Toyota.

Q8) Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf, and Girls On Film, were hits for which 80s British band?
A8) Duran Duran.

Q9) Which sport is played on a 300 by 200 yard pitch, polo, football, or cricket?
A9) Polo.

Q10) Who was the first jockey to be knighted?
A10) Sir Gordon Richards.


Q11) What shellfish shouldn’t you eat, if there’s an ‘R’ in the month?
A11) Oyster’s.

Q12) What does al dente mean?
A12) Firm to the teeth.

Q13) What type of food is a calamari? (Bonus point for the exact type)
A13) Seafood. (Squid.)

Q14) From which East European country does goulash come from?
A14) Hungary.

Q15) What sort of fish do Germans use in a rollmop?
A15) Herring. (Much the same as us then.)

Q16) Christmas Drumhead, January King and Spivoy are all what kind of vegetable?
A16) Cabbage.

Q17) True or false; – Brown eggs are more nutritious than white eggs.
A17) False.

Q18) What dairy product did Clifton Fadiman call ‘milk’s leap towards immortality’?
A18) Cheese.

Q19) In which part of the British Isles would you be served Bannock?
A19) Scotland.

Q20) What name is given to oysters wrapped in bacon?
A20) Angels on Horseback.


Q21) What is the lowest point in Arabia?
A21) The Dead Sea.

Q22) Which country in Africa boast’s the continent’s highest point?
A22) Tunisia.

Q23) In which country is the world’s highest waterfall?
A23) Venezuela. (The Angel Falls).

Q24) Which non–landlocked country has the world’s shortest coastline?
A24) Monaco.

Q25) In which continent is the world’s driest place?
A25) South America. (The Atacama Desert, in Chile.)

Q26) In which country is the Qattara Depression?
A26) Egypt.

Q27) What name is given to the part of the Earth between the Core and the Crust?
A27) The Mantle.

Q28) What are the Diablo, the Elephanta and the Fremantle Doctor?
A28) Winds.

Q29) Challenger Deep is the deepest point of which ocean?
A29) The Pacific.

Q30) The Red Sea has borders with six countries. Name 1 of them. (Two points for two.)
A30) Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.


Q31) Which popular soap is set in Albert Square?
A31) EastEnders.

Q32) In The Archers, which character is notorious for his black satin sheets?
A32) Nelson Gabriel.

Q33) Which soap is set in the fictional village of Beckindale?
A33) Emmerdale.

Q34) On which street is Neighbours set?
A34) Ramsey Street.

Q35) In which year of the 1960s was Coronation Street first broadcast?
A35) 1960.

Q36) Which BBC1 soap ended in 1993, after just one year?
A36) Eldorado.

Q37) Which Aussie soap is set in Summer Bay
A37) Home and Away.

Q38) What was the name of the slow–witted handyman in the original series of Crowwroads?
A38) Benny.

Q39) Tamsin Grieg plays Debbie Aldridge in one soap, and Doctor Caroline Todd in another. Name either. (Two points for both.)
A39) The Archers and Green Wing.

Q40) Who is Coronations Streets’ repetitive butcher?
A40) Fred Elliot.


Q41) Who starred in the silent movies, Easy Street, and The Kid?
A41) Charlie Chaplin.

Q42) Which English director directed Lawrence of Arabia?
A42) David Lean.

Q43) Anton Karas wrote The Harry Lime Theme for which Orson Welles film?
A43) The Third Man.

Q44) Which 1969 film revolves around a Chicago dance marathon, with a $1,500 prize?
A44) They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Q45) Who played the lead, in the 1977 film, Jesus of Nazareth?
A45) Robert Powell.

Q46) Which Hollywood star made his last appearance in a western called The Shootist? (Bonus point for the star’s real name.)
A46) John Wayne. (Marion Morrison)

Q47) Whose Hollywood screen test notes famously said “Can’t act, slightly bald … can dance a little”?
A47) Fred Astaire’s.

Q48) In which film did Russell Crowe play Captain Jack Aubrey?
A48) Master and Commander.

Q49) Who’s the first person to have won a posthumous Best Actor Oscar?
A49) Peter Finch. (For his performance in Network, filmed in 1976.)

Q50) Which Kris Kristofferson film entered movie legend in 1980, for losing more money than any other film?
A50) Heaven’s Gate.


Q51) The month of January was named after which Roman god? (Bonus for saying what they were the god of)
A51) Janus. (God of doorways and portals.)

Q52) What is the main ingredient of Hummus?
A52) Chick peas.

Q53) Which philosopher founded a famous academy in Athens, in 387 BC?
A53) Plato.

Q54) Who became Conservative party leader, in 1965?
A54) Edward Heath.

Q55) Who released the album, Atom Heart Mother?
A55) Pink Floyd.

Q56) Amethyst is the birthstone for which month of the year?
A56) February.

Q57) Which Greco-Roman hero killed the Nemean Lion?
A57) Hercules. (Heracles was the Greek version of the name.)

Q58) In the Annual University Boat Race, Oxford’s reserve boat is called Isis. What’s the name of the Cambridge reserve boat?
A58) Goldie.

Q59) In which 20th century war was Napalm first used as a weapon?
A59) World War 2.

Q60) Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon & C. J. Parker were central characters in which US series?
A60) Baywatch.
Enjoy those, everyine: I’ll catch you later.

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