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Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 5. Categories Of Life

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Whoah … !

Now that’s what I call shaping up … !

With a bit of a big finish … !

Phew … !

Oooh, Yeah … !

Now, I’ve got to admit, I’ve got FB active, as I write.

Just in case someone needs to natter … !

But I’ve just watched Episode 5 of Torchwood: Miracle Day, and I’m thinking — no, scrub that, I know — that Torchwood’s back.

Episode 5 of Torchwood: Miracle DayCategories Of Life — sees the Torchwood team, supplemented by Dr Vera Juarez* sneaking their way into two of the Overflow Camps mentioned at the end of episode 4.

I say two for good reason.

Gwen has managed to get back to Wales, to help Rhys — Kai Owen — to rescue her father from an overflow camp in Wales.

And Rex, Esther and Dr Vera are smuggling themselves and a camera into a US camp to find out what on Earth is going on.

After both respective governments — rapidly followed by many around the world — have introduced the three new categories of life of the title.

Category 1: Brain Dead, but still alive only because of the miracle.
Category 2: Persistent and serious, but treatable.
Category 3: Everyone Else.

And in each of the Overflow Camps … ?

In each of the camps, there’s a heavily disguised section called ‘The Module’.

A section where those classed as Category 1 are sent.

A section that Dr Vera immediately demands — in her under-cover role as a medical inspector — to examine.

The camp’s administrator takes her to one …

Shoots her …

And abandons her there whilst switching on the gas burners that dispose of the (still, technically, alive) bodies.


You see …

I did SAY this is getting nasty, didn’t I … ?

No, actually, I said it was shaping up, now I come to look at it … !

Either way … ?

Either way, I’m thinking that Categories Of Life has moved the story on: it’s not told us what caused the miracle, but it has shown us that some — PhiCorp — has been both ready to exploit it.

And, in hiring someone like Oswald Danes, shown they’ve ALREADY got their publicity machine on the go.

And set up the camps to deal with the problems arising from Miracle Day … ?

Shown themselves to have solutions that Hitler would be envious of.

I’ll be watching next week.

I’m thinking Torchwood: Miracle Day is now officially worth watching!

* Played very sympathetically by Arlene Tur, if I’ve not mentioned her, before now: that’s entirely my fault, if I’ve not, by the way. Dr Juarez has been not only Rex Matheson’s love interest, but also a key way the series has introduced itself to a US audience.

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